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Destroyer Kings Brings Heroes and Villains from the Movies Together

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game launched its sixth core booster pack and the second core pack of the Shenron Wishes Block: Destroyer Kings. The expansion contains 227 cards, including 11 Super Rares, 11 Special Rares, and five cards with the new Campaign Rarity. Additionally, the set contains two Secret Rare cards, so there's twice the reason for collectors to get excited!

The booster pack introduced more cards to support the Broly archetype introduced in the recently released Broly Pack and Starter Deck: Rising Broly. Fans of Dragon Ball Super: Broly are bound to be after both the Gogeta and Broly cards that re-enact the forms and scenes from the movie. 

Themed Booster Three Changes the Meta!

Is there a better way to introduce brand new cards than by starting with a Broly card? Broly, Unrealized Ambition is a brand new card for Broly decks. The card is an early game engine for the deck allowing for quick board pressure and card advantage. Broly is a 1 cost green card that will ideally be played within the first two turns of the game. When played, Broly makes the player take 2 life, then when Broly leaves the Battle Area, the player takes another 1 or 2 life and plays a 4 cost Broly from their hand. The player is, therefore, able to quickly [Awaken] and take full advantage of their Leader's Awoken side. Additionally, the player will quickly be able to [Evolve] Broly into his more powerful form from as early as turn two. Broly, Unrealized Ambition is a great card that all Broly players should look into picking up, comboing amazingly with numerous cards like Broly, Unrealized Ambition & Paragus, Father of the Demon from the booster pack & upcoming Broly deck.

What would Broly be without a Gogeta card to test his power against? Gogeta, Unparalleled Fusion Warrior is another card from the brand new Broly movie, and it's bound to make an impact. Gogeta is a 6 cost red card, which may not seem appealing in such a fast-paced game, however, there’s a much faster way of bringing him out: Union-Fusion. Gogeta can be fused for just 4 red Energy using Goku and Vegeta cards. When doing so, the player draws 2 cards, immediately removing the associated cost. Additionally, when in the Battle area, Gogeta tends to stick around. Requiring a red Saiyan Leader to play once in the Battle area, Gogeta cannot be KO’d. On top of this, Gogeta also boasts the ability to attack Battle cards in Active Mode as well as the ability to attack twice when battling. As if an unkillable 25000 Power monster that can shred enemy defenses wasn't enough, Gogeta also has [Double Strike], just for good measure. Gogeta, Unparalleled Fusion Warrior is an absolute monster and is definitely a card worth preparing for.

Moving away from cards originating from the Broly movie, Majin Buu is back and ready to wreak havoc once again in the form of Majin Buu, the Intensifying Evil. Buu is a 3 cost blue card with numerous effects to support previous Buu decks. First, if Buu would be removed from the Battle Area by an opponent's skill, the player can discard two cards to keep him around, ensuring the player gets to use his other abilities. When Buu attacks, it returns a 4 cost or lower Battle card the opponent controls to the bottom of their deck, ensuring value is gained from the minute he hits the board. For a 3 cost card, this alone would be a decent effect. However, Buu has another trick up his sleeve. For the cost of 2 Energy, the player is able to swap Buu out for a different 4 cost Buu card from the Energy area. This means Majin Buu, the Intensifying Evil can swoop in and clear threats, before swapping into different cards like Majin Buu, Dawn of the Rampage.

Majin Buu, the Intensifying Evil isn't the only Majin Buu card in Destroyer Kings, so players should definitely look out for more support to bring their Buu decks back to full power.

The final card to discuss is a card that could potentially rival the Dragon Ball // Miraculous Arrival Shenron Leader that has grown hugely popular in past months. The card to rival this is much more … Super.

Super Dragon Balls // Super Shenron, the Almighty is a brand new black Leader card that is similar to the original Shenron in a number of ways. The card features the same effect that allows the player to search for two Dragon Ball cards per turn. However, once they have been collected, the player instead adds a Dragon Ball back to their hand rather than a Desire card when performing the [Wish] ability. On the Wish side, Super Shenron’s first two abilities are identical to the original Shenron, allowing the player to either draw a card or use a Desire card for free. However, when it comes to Super Shenron’s final ability, things make a quick turn. Rather than giving a card [Triple Attack], Super Shenron allows the player to take an additional turn by removing the seven Dragon Balls from the game and returning 20 cards from their Drop area back to the deck. This is a massive effect that can potentially end games on the spot, allowing the player to take huge turns with no counter play from the opponent, while effectively doubling the number of attacks and Energy the player has for the turn. Super Shenron is a huge card that is bound to have numerous decks based around its ultimate ability much like the original Shenron Leader.

Look Out for Destroyer Kings

Destroyer Kings released on 15 March 2019 and is available in 24-pack booster boxes or individual booster packs, as well as Special Pack Sets, each featuring four booster packs and one Promo card. Each individual booster pack contains 12 cards consisting of eight Common cards, three Uncommons, as well as one Rare or higher card. Booster packs may also contain a foil version of a Common or Uncommon as well as a Super Rare, Special Rare, Secret Rare, or the brand new Campaign Rare. Similar to previous sets the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) for Destroyer Kings is 3,99 €.