Set Information

The Divine Multiverse Is Here

Releasing on 27 March 2020, Draft Box 5: Divine Multiverse brings more Draft action to the Dragon Ball Super Trading Card Game. Divine Multiverse has more than 170 new cards, of course, designed with the Draft format in mind. The cards can naturally be used in Standard play and the expansion includes support for new and old archetypes of all colors. The set focuses on the different teams featured in the Tournament of Power, so fans of the Dragon Ball Super anime will recognize powerful cards featuring Jiren, Goku, the Trio de Dangers, and more.

With Draft Bombs Like Frieza

Frieza, Imperial Inspiration is a new Battle card with an incredible skill. Frieza is a 4 cost red Battle card with 20000 Power - but players will certainly not be running Frieza to “play” him! Instead, this Frieza card is essentially a Furthering Destruction Champa, but instead of granting [Double Strike], it grants Battle cards [Critical]. Costing only 1 Energy to combo with and being playable in any color deck, Frieza, Imperial Inspiration is an unbelievably strong card.

Dirty Burst is a new Extra card capable of keeping big threats down. It’s a [Counter] card that is flexible in how it can be played: as a standard [Counter] that attacks for 1 blue Energy, or as a [Counter: Play] for 2 blue Energy. When it’s played this way, Dirty Burst prevents the opponent from attacking with 7 cost or higher Battle cards, essentially shutting down any end-game finisher. Dirty Burst is an amazing card for control decks, acting as a source of protection against high cost cards, while also being utilized as a versusin aggressive early game decks.

Hand control decks and green decks in general are also big winners in this Divine Multiverse, gaining a new 2 cost card: Ribrianne, Punishing Passion. Long-time players will immediately recognize Ribrianne for its similarity to Great Ape Son Goku, Saiyan Instincts. The difference is that instead Warping it from the drop to draw two, Ribrianne discards two cards from the opponent's hand. Previously, Great Ape Son Goku, Saiyan Instincts was a popular card, so Ribrianne will definitely see a great deal of play in hand control strategies as well.

If you’re interested in Draft or just in powering up your decks, be sure to check out the rest of the great singles in this latest Dragon Ball Super set. Pick up your booster packs as soon as possible!