Set Information

Get Ready to Put Your Deck Building to the Test

Launching on 11 October 2019, the Dragon Ball Super Card Game releases its first-ever set designed specifically for drafting. Draft Box 4: Dragon Brawl is the first draft box ever to feature booster packs containing both new cards and popular reprints, all specifically chosen for optimal drafting experience. The set contains 103 brand-new cards, as well as 72 reprints of classic cards, such as the powerful Fearless Pan, used frequently since its release way back in Cross Worlds. Other cards frequently seen in high-level play, such as At All Costs Vegeta, are also seeing reprints in this set, adding the dilemma to players as they draft of whether to choose the cards they need for their draft or to choose cards that will be helpful to them outside of the format.

Included in each draft box is four copies of the powerful Leader card Vegeta // Vegeta, Furious Awakening. This card is the first of its kind, featuring [Critical] on its front side and access to card draw on its [Awaken] side. But that's not what makes Vegeta exciting. Vegeta is not just a blue Leader card as he is actually treated as all colors, excluding black. This allows access to all kinds of combos and exciting cards and lets you play every [Sparking] negate, such as Dimension Magic and Afterimage Technique, which could lead to some interesting defensive builds, whereas access to cards like Unyielding Spirit Trunks and Familial Bonds can lead to some early aggressive plays. Without a doubt, this Vegeta is the most interesting card in the set, granting access to brand-new card combinations never seen until now.

Drafting Powerful Cards with Draft Box 4: Dragon Brawl

Possibly the most powerful card in the set is also one of the simplest. Galick Cannon is a new red Extra card with [Counter: Play]. For just 1 red Energy, Galick Cannon can knock 15000 Power off of the played Battle card until end of turn. This is an amazingly simple yet incredibly strong card, preventing early aggression before it can even begin. It also perfectly combines with a follow-up Denial of Hope play on Turn 2, preventing any Battle card from hitting the Battle area until at least Turn 3. Unlike many [Counter: Play] cards, Galick Cannon also doesn't require a red Leader card, meaning it can be played in any deck that can splash red Energy. The card is, without a doubt, one of the strongest cards in the set and will certainly see play in decks such as Vegeta Baby & Frieza Prison.

The next powerful card in the set is Janemba, Infernal Intruder. Mill variants of Janemba have been the only real strategy a deck could play. However, the release of Infernal Intruder could potentially mix this up. Janemba is a 5-cost blue card that will never actually be played for 5 because from Turn 3 onwards, Janemba can be played for just 1 Energy. He also has a reasonable 20000 Power body and [Critical] like many other Janemba cards. It's Janemba’s other skill, however, that really makes this card exciting. For 2 Energy, Janemba can swap itself out for any 5 cost Janemba card from the player's hand. The card of choice will, of course, be Infernal Chain Janemba, granting access to another [Critical], as well as Infernal Chain’s skill which will play another Janemba card from the Warp for free! This can make for some huge tempo swings on Turn 3, potentially granting 3 [Critical] damage from just 3 Energy. With the release of Infernal Intruder, it is definitely possible that a new type of Janemba may make its way into competitive play.

Dragon Brawl has done a seemingly great job of supporting existing archetypes. One such archetype getting some love in this set is Namekian in the form of Piccolo, Assimilated Ability. Piccolo is a 4-cost green Battle card with [Barrier] that essentially prevents your opponent from attacking with Battle cards. Piccolo also has an Activate: Battle skill that simply allows him to KO an opponent's Battle card with 5 cost or less. Oh, and when this happens, the player also draws a card. This card is unbelievably strong, punishing opponents for playing Battle cards as Piccolo is able to easily pick them off, then gain incredible amounts of card advantage. Being a Namekian, Piccolo also has access to some amazing support such as Piccolo, Cunning Strategist, which allows the new card to be played essentially for free and as early as Turn 3. This combo is incredibly easy to perform and should not be underestimated by any player.

When Does the Draft Start?

Draft Box 4: Dragon Brawl contains 24 booster packs. The entire set is comprised of a total of 175 cards, including new and reprints of previously popular cards. Designed specifically for a drafting experience for four players, each draft box has an MSRP of £ 99.99 (99,99 €) (best split between the playgroup).