Set Information

Piccolo Surges Forward with Expansion Set 10: Namekian Surge

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game launches its tenth expansion on 17 January 2020. Namekian Surge releases alongside Saiyan Surge with each expansion including support for two energy colors: Namekian Surge features blue and green cards, while Saiyan Surge supports red and yellow. Each set also includes a new Leader card, as well as two copies (per set) of the five brand new cards. Furthermore, players get two foil variant cards, randomly selected from the promos in the set, plus three additional booster packs of Malicious Machinations, which further supports the color combinations included in Namekian Surge.

What Players Are Getting in the Surge

The first card you need to look at in Namekian Surge is its new Leader card: Piccolo // Son Gohan & Piccolo, Surge of Consciousness. This Leader has the [Awaken: Surge] skill, allowing it to [Awaken] as early as Turn 1. The card without this skill is actually still a great leader thanks to its ability to check the top card before drawing it each turn, essentially preventing dead cards from ever reaching the player’s hand. It is strong once awakened as it can either Warp two cards from your opponent’s hand or charge extra Energy. Being blue and green makes this card a real controlling threat, allowing access to amazing cards such as Dimension Magic and Focused Breakthrough.

Next is Dr. Uiro, Cybernetic Rebirth, one of the key control cards of the set, as he allows the player to use the [Revive] skill without losing card advantage. Being blue and green, Dr. Uiro can pay the full [Revive] cost for many cards all by himself. Additionally, discarding him doesn't even send him to the Drop area, as his ability will kick in and bring him back to the field!Dr. Uiro also has a respectable 15000 Power and [Blocker], allowing the player to easily fend off early pressure.

Last but not least, Master Roshi, Kamehameha Origins is another fantastic control card part of Namekian Surge. It is a 2 cost green Battle card with very little in terms of raw stats. That's fine though, as the card's skill is amazing. By warping Master Roshi from the Drop area and paying a single green Energy, he is able to add any green Extra card from the Drop area to the player’s hand. Combo with Master Roshi to prevent some early damage before warping him to add back any [Counter: Attack] or [Counter: Play] card and prevent further damage being dealt. There’s a huge list of cards Master Roshi can utilize and for good measure, one is included in Namekian Surge.

Hidden Potential is a brand-new blue/green Extra card that costs only 2 Energy and effectively works the same as the popular Preemptive Strike. Hidden Potential surpasses Preemptive Strike though by also allowing the player to untap a green or blue energy.

Namekian Surge Surges Onto Shelves in January 2020

Expansion Set: Namekian Surge releases on 17 January 2020 alongside Expansion Set 9: Saiyan Surge. Each expansion set includes three booster packs of Malicious Machinations as well as six never before seen promo cards. Each expansion set has a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of 17,99 €.