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A Whole New Leader Skill Releases with Expansion Set 9: Saiyan Surge

Saiyan Surge, the Dragon Ball Super Card Game's 9th core Expansion Set, launches on 17 January 2019. Saiyan Surge releases alongside Namekian Surge with each expansion featuring different sets of two-color pairs. Saiyan Surge focuses on red / yellow cards and includes a bunch of cards uniquely suited to boost your red and yellow decks. Each set also includes six brand new cards. Players receive two copies of each of these, but excluding the brand new Leader card. Also included in each set are three booster packs of Malicious Machinations.

Goku, the Titular Surging Saiyan Brings Some Buddies with Him

Dragonball Super expansions are defined by their Leader cards and Saiyan Surge is no exception. Super Saiyan Son Goku // SSG Son Goku, Surge of Divinityis this set's defining Leader card. This new Super Saiyan Son Goku card is interesting in two new ways: First, it's both red and yellow, allowing it to meet the requirements of twice the number of cards limited to these colors, lke Afterimage Technique and Time Magic. (Players were normally restricted to only playing one of these cards.) Goku also has a brand new method of awakening, [Awaken: Surge]. This new skill allows Leaders to [Awaken] at any time by placing two cards underneath, instead of needing to be at a low life total. This makes Goku a much more flexible leader, allowing players to change their playstyle in terms of when they want to [Awaken] based on the deck they're facing off against.

Vegeta, Time for Vacation is another card in Saiyan Surge that is both simple yet effective. It's a 3 cost Battle card, boasting an effective 20000 Power, as well as [Critical] making the card a solid turn 3 play. Vegeta also features an extra skill that can be activated during either player's combo step or the controlling player's main phase. By sacrificing Vegeta, the player can play a 2 cost red or yellow Son Goku from the hand or the Drop area. Some great targets include any of the skill-less Goku cards, making for great offensive power in the skill-less "Kid-ku" deck or Son Goku, the Path to Godhood which can further extend into another Goku card.

Son Gohan & Videl, Power Couple is another great card releasing in Saiyan Surge. It's a red / yellow Battle card that isn't likely to be played in the battle area, but rather more likely to be discarded for a single yellow Energy, allowing the player to draw a card while at the same time reducing the Power of two Battle cards by 5000. Not only does this grant card advantage, but due to the character names, it also acts as a perfect target for the previously mentioned Son Goku, the Path to Godhood, granting quick access to its skill and synergizing perfectly with Vegeta, Time for Vacation.

Experience these cards and many more in Expansion Set 9: Saiyan Surge and let the Super Saiyan in you surge through!