Set Information

A Huge Set of Goodies Unleashed to Celebrate the DBS TCG Anniversary!

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game will commemorate its second year with one of the most anticipated sets in the history of the game! The Special Anniversary Box is a new type of expansion set that will be filled with loads of goodies for new and existing players. Each Special Anniversary Box will include two Special Anniversary Sets, consisting of 35 brand-new cards each. Two Special Anniversary Packs will also be included, each containing five random foil versions of cards from the Special Anniversary Set or a brand-new Leader card only available in these packs.

That’s not all that will be included in the box though. There will also be four Vault Power Up packs! These packs will contain some of the most popular and powerful cards in recent years, all with new alternative artworks. With all these new cards, players are bound to need additional storage options and the Special Anniversary Box will have that covered too! Each box will include one pack of 60 sleeves, available in four different designs, as well as one of four different storage boxes, featuring fan-favorite characters such as Shenron or even Ultra Instinct Goku.

Check back in late May 2019 to find out more about some of the more interesting cards that make up the Special Anniversary Box and be ready to celebrate the anniversary of Dragon Ball Supers' Card Game!