Set Information

Celebrating the Anniversary of the Dragon Ball Super TCG

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game is commemorating its second year with one of the most anticipated sets in the history of the game! The Special Anniversary Box is a new type of expansion set that is filled with loads of goodies for new and existing players alike. Each special set includes one of four possible storage boxes, each with exclusive artworks displaying fan-favorite characters. Also included are the brand-new Vault Power Up Packs, containing reprints of the most popular Dragon Ball Super Card Game cards – all with brand-new artwork.

But the most exciting thing about the Special Anniversary Box is its 35 brand-new cards! You get at least two of each per box and each of these cards are also available in foil in the two Special Anniversary Packs included in every box.

Powerful New Cards Bringing New Life to Old Decks

The first of the 35 new cards that should be discussed is Hit, Spacetime Transcended. Hit may just be one of the most powerful cards in the set due to its ability to be played as a finisher for almost any deck playing red. Hit is a 3-cost red Battle card with a solid 19000 body. But it’s not his stats that matter the most; it's his ability. For 2 red and 1 generic Energy, the player chooses a red Hit card from the Drop area or Warp for 6 Energy to [Evolve] him and bring out the classic card Lightning Fast Hit, effectively dealing 2 damage to the opponent in an almost unstoppable play. Combining the Hit package with Shenron decks, for example, lets you take advantage of a free World Peace and evolving straight into Lightning Fast Hit could be huge. This move should definitely be in all players' watchlists.

Fans of Goku Black & Zamasu decks are in for a wonderful treat as the deck receives support in the form of multiple cards. One such card is Plan for Destruction, a 1-cost blue Extra card that only works with Zamasu or Goku Black Leader cards. The card has an Activate:Battle effect which gives the Leader card +10000 Power for the duration of the battle. Additionally, when there is 7 Energy between the two players, Plan for Destruction places itself in the Energy area in Rest Mode. The card supports the current Zamasu strategy of playing defense until the player is able to employ a huge Battle card to turn the game around. Plan for Destruction might single-handedly make Zamasu & Goku Black decks relevant in the current format.

Next is a card for Vegito fans: Blazing Technique is a green Extra card that only works with green Vegito Leader cards. It may be a great defensive card, but it's even better when used offensively. When played, it grants the Leader +15000 Power for the duration of the battle. However, when played during the player's own turn it also KOs a 4 cost or less Battle card or a 2 cost or less Battle card with [Barrier]. Remove pesky cards such as Son Goku Striving to be the Best by allowing Vegito to overrun control decks by utilizing cheap power & removal. While this may not be strong enough to bring Vegito decks into the metagame on its own, it is certainly still a powerful card that should be on every player's radar.

Finally, we have Son Goku, Unbreakable Will. Goku is a 2-cost yellow Battle card that brings new meaning to the word "defensive". First, Goku has [Blocker], which is seemingly minor… until his real skill is revealed: When KO-ed, the player is able to both switch an opponent’s Battle card to Rest Mode, as well as play a 3-cost Goku:Childhood card, the most notable of which is Explosive Spirit Son Goku. In the end, you successfully KO the rested card, plus block another attack. This skill is pushed even further when combined with Bonds of Friendship Android 8, allowing two more cards to be KO-ed!

Two Years Is a Fine Time to Celebrate with the Special Anniversary Box

As stated before, each Special Anniversary Box contains two copies of each of the 35 brand-new cards, four Vault Power Up packs containing reprints of the most popular cards in the game, two Special Anniversary Packs each containing five foil variants of the brand-new cards introduced in this set, and one of four storage boxes. Each Special Anniversary Box has an MSRP of 59,99 €. By the way, you're also getting a pack of sleeves available in four set-exclusive designs, so don't miss out!