Set Name: Expansion Set: Ultimate Box
Number of Cards: 130
Release Date: August 2, 2018
Languages Available: English, French

Set Information

Expansion Set: Ultimate Box Introduces Support for Multiple Previous Decks

Expansion Set: Ultimate Box is the third Dragon Ball Super Card Game Expansion Set and introduces more cards than any previous Expansion Set. The set contains five brand-new Leader cards as well as 25 brand new Battle cards, perfect to introduce brand new strategies. With one Leader and five Battle cards of each color, the Ultimate Box is perfect as a starting point for new players or alternatively to support and expand existing decks of veteran players. Fans of the Dragon Ball Super TV show will also recognize the five Leader cards from the Universe Survival Saga. Additionally, there are several other cards from all the Dragon Ball series. There is something in this expansion for everyone no matter what.

Support for Every Color Deck!

Expansion Set: Ultimate Box contains support for a plethora of decks both old and new, some going as far back as Set 1! Starting off with support for the Champa cards in BT1, Capricious Destroyer Champa is a 2 Cost red card capable of KO-ing up to two Battle cards with 9000 Power or less, perfect for aggro decks trying to get rid of pesky blockers, such as Gine, Family of Justice or Mai, Supporter of Hope. Additionally, players will rejoice as Capricious Destroyer Champa fills the role of being both a target for Manipulating God Champa as well as being a target to evolve into Destructive Terror Champa. Capricious Destroyer Champa is perfect for getting an early swing in tempo for aggressive decks.

Fans of blue decks are going to be delighted with a brand-new card perfect for countering aggressive decks while also providing multiple roles within the deck. Indiscriminate Obliteration Sidra is a 3 Cost blue card with three amazing effects: First, Sidra is a 15000 Power card with Blocker, therefore capable of preventing damage from aggressive cards, such as Saiyan Cabba. Secondly, when played, Sidra allows the player to take a life, therefore performing the crucial role of self-awakening in control matchups. Finally, if a life is taken then Sidra allows the player to KO any Battle card with an energy cost less than or equal to your total energy, perfect for removing early threats from the game. Indiscriminate Obliteration Sidra provides multiple roles for a variety of matchups and is bound to see play, especially in blue decks such as SS3 Goku where Sidra can be played as early as Turn 2.

Green decks are also going to see a boost with the release of Expansion Set: Ultimate Box. One such card is Deathless Warrior Broly, a 4 Cost green card that grants massive support to the current Broly deck and will potentially work with the new Broly Leader that gets revealed later this year! Deathless Warrior Broly evolves for 3 Green over any Broly card, keeping with the current theme in Broly decks. This implies that it works well with cards such as Endless Evolution Broly, allowing Deathless Warrior to be played for a single green energy. The card also has a skill similar to Endless Evolution Broly, allowing other Broly cards to evolve for two less energy, therefore granting the deck an additional means of playing its bigger cards earlier. As a final skill, when Deathless Warrior Broly is played, it grants the opponent a choice: They either KO a Battle card they control, or they discard two cards. No matter what choice the opponent makes, it will grant the Broly player card advantage, working amazingly well with the entire Broly theme. Deathless Warrior Broly is an amazing card for the Broly deck.

No set would be complete without Dragon Ball's most iconic villain, Frieza. Frieza, Obsession of The Clan, is a 4-drop yellow card with a very interesting skill. Once per turn, Frieza's controller can discard any "non-Frieza" Frieza Clan card to negate an opponent's attack. Although the card only works in decks that revolve around the Frieza Clan, the card grants more value the more turns it stays alive, limiting the opponent's ability to damage the player's life total until the opponent has used up his resources. Frieza, Obsession of The Clan is perfect for grinding out a game, especially against aggressive decks.

Competitive players of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game will know that the Heightened Evolution Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku Leader has been dominating the metagame for a long time, thanks to its early energy acceleration. One card that will now be able to counter this in the Ultimate Box is Forced Ejection Masked Saiyan. Forced Ejection Masked Saiyan is a 3 Cost black card. However, it is more likely to be played for its Over Realm cost of warping three or more cards and paying one energy, effectively allowing it to be played during the first turn in a few choice decks. The card's skill is where it really shines. Once per turn, the controlling player can warp an opponent's energy if they have played an energy that turn, and the other player controls more energy. This card clearly shines against SS3 Son Goku, especially when the skill is activated on Turn 1 if the controlling player is going second, effectively cancelling the opponent's Leader front skill. Being a Masked Saiyan card, it also becomes a target for Towa, Space Time Unleashed. This allows the card to be added from the deck to the hand to more consistently deal with SS3 Son Goku decks.

What Does Each Ultimate Box Contain?

Expansion Set: Ultimate Box launches on 2 August 2018. Each set contains 130 cards, including five foil Leader cards, 25 different Battle cards (four copies each, one foil and three non-foil), and five Token cards. In addition, each Ultimate Box contains a gold-stamped nine-pocket binder with 20 binder pages. The suggested MSRP for Expansion Set: Ultimate Box is $ 99.99 (est. 99,99 €).