Set Information

Unleash the Power of Dark Broly!

Released on 22 January 2021, the Dragon Ball Super Card Game is bringing Expansion Set: Ultimate Deck to the trading card game. This new 51-card deck comes ready to play, with all cards in glistening silver foil! The Ultimate Deck not only includes support for the new Dark Broly strategy but also features support for a whole range of decks, with new cards for a range of colors that are bound to shake things up at your local game store.

Shadow Warriors Come Forth!

If you haven't heard, Towa's back and this time she's brought a whole gang of Shadow Warriors with her. The Leader card of this brand new deck is Towa // Towa & Mechikabura, Dark Conjurer and is a powerful new tool for black decks, removing specified costs and reducing the cost of Dark Broly and Xeno cards. This, in effect, essentially allows you to charge any colored Energy without worrying about the effect it will have later in the game, allowing you to focus on optimizing cards you can play during the early game instead of having to play reservedly.

Towa is an especially powerful card when combined with the brand new card, Dark Broly, the Shadow Warrior. This card is a two-cost red Battle card that can play any 6 or 7 Cost Dark Broly card from your deck for only a single Energy, while also acting as a source of self-Awakening! Combined with the new Towa Leader, this card can be played and can Resolve its skill for just 2 Energy of any color! However, it's not just Towa that can use this card. Combine this Broly with Dark Broly & Paragus from Vermillion Bloodline to access a whole load of different recurring Brolys like Dark Broly, Demon Realm Ravager.

Majin Buu Emerges from the Shadows

Majin Buu, the Shadow Warrior is another powerful card introduced in the deck, a green four-cost Battle card with two powerful effects. When played, Buu plays a Dark Broly or Xeno card from the top seven of the deck without paying their cost. This is a huge momentum swing, allowing Xeno cards such as Lord Slug, Unbridled Might to be played as early as turn three when Buu is combined with Towa's cost reduction skill! Buu's second effect is also a great one, forcing the opponent to discard two cards if they want to attack your Leader while it's in rest mode. Buu, therefore, acts as a flexible card capable of maintaining field advantage while also limiting your opponent's ability to act aggressively.

The previously mentioned Lord Slug, Unbridled Might is the perfect card to play off of Buu. With 25.000 Power, Lord Slug is a huge threat, featuring both Blocker and the ability to switch back to Active after attacking or blocking. If unanswered, Lord Slug will control the battle area with his formidable stats and strong ability. And if the opponent does manage to get rid of Lord Slug, this will trigger his second skill, sending a Battle card as well as a card in the opponent's hand to the drop area before removing counters from a Union card.

Alongside the deck, players will also receive a booster pack of Vicious Rejuvenation, to support the cards in the deck. Each 51-card deck comes exclusively in silver foil, featuring both new cards as well as popular reprints like Power Burst and Toppo, Righteous Aid.