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More Agents of Destruction in Dragon Ball Super's Expansion Set 5: Unity of Destruction

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game launches its fifth expansion set, Unity of Destruction. The set introduces support for Janemba, Boujack, and Agent of Destruction decks, plus it allows them to be played all together. Furthermore, the set previews some of the new mechanics and skills upcoming in the Infinite Unity block. Unity of Desctruction contains a total of 4 different cards, all included in each expansion set in both foil and non-foil variants. The set is released alongside Expansion Set 4: Unity of Saiyans and is similar in design but focuses on yellow and blue cards instead.

Defensive Decks Return with Brand-New Skills

Janemba, Lighthearted Destroyer is the first important card of the set. As a 2 cost blue Battle card which directly supports the other cards introduced in this set, he has the sole purpose of cheating cards out for cheaper. For only 1 Energy, Janemba can already play a yellow/blue 4 cost Agent of Destruction from the deck in Rest Mode. He is a great starter, allowing cards to be easily played on turn 3 while maintaining 2 active Energy. Janemba, Lighthearted Destroyer is a very simple yet effective card that brings consistency to the new cards of the new DBS block.

Boujack, Pirate's Pride is the second new card in Unity of Destruction. As a 3 cost yellow Battle card, he is playable during your opponent's turn as a Negate. This seems underwhelming for a card of only 10000 Power. However, if the player has a dual-colored yellow/blue card in the Energy area, Boujack can play for 1 Energy instead. This seems much more standard, acting similarly to Master Roshi, Forged of Will. The card, however, really shines when combined with Boujack the Plunderer (from Destroyer Kings), allowing it to easily [Evolve] on Turn 4. This card may just be what Boujack decks need to consistently play their boss card without getting punished by aggressive decks.

The first dual-colored card in this expansion is the yellow/blue card Janemba, Resonant Agent of Destruction. Janemba's new skill is [Aegis], which allows his player to discard cards during the opponent's turn to untap Energy. In his specific case, by discarding blue or yellow cards, you can switch up to 2 Energy to Active Mode – a perfect skill for defensive decks like Mill-Janemba. Janemba, Resonant Agent of Destruction also sends a card from the opponent's deck to the Drop area whenever [Aegis] is activated, allowing his player to mill even during the opponent's turn. Paired with Janemba, Light Hearted Destroyer or even Babidi, Overseer of Destruction, this card can already be played as early as Turn 3. This card is perfect for tempo plays and Mill-Janemba decks are bound to be seen in competitive play.

Boujack, Resonant Agent of Destruction is the fourth most important card in Unity of Destruction. An amazing defensive card, Boujack is capable of disrupting many opposing offensive strategies. With his new skill [Arrival], he can be played for just 1 Energy when both yellow and blue cards are in the Combo area, therefore allowing him to be played as early as Turn 1 under the right circumstances. Boujack can also rest a Battle card when played, disrupting further attacks. To take your defense even further, he also has [Blocker]. His 20000 Power body is perfect for deflecting multiple attacks from aggressive decks, making him perfect not only for Boujack’s Brigade decks, but also for other defensive or late-game decks that need to make it through the early game. Boujack, Resonant Agent of Destruction is an incredible card that when combined with the other cards in Unity of Destruction is bound to push decks like Mill-Janemba back into the competitive scene.

When Will the Destruction Kings Wreak Havoc?

Expansion Set 5: Unity of Destruction launches on 31 May 2019. Each set includes all four new cards in their foil and non-foil versions. You also get a bonus of three booster packs from Destroyer Kings, making this set so worth it. The MSRP for each set is 15,99 €.