Set Information

Broly and Gogeta Return in Dragon Ball Super's Unity of Saiyans

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game launches its fourth expansion set, Unity of Saiyans. The set previews some of the new mechanics and skills upcoming in the Infinite Unity block and even more cards from the fan-favorite Broly movie. This set focuses on red and green Broly and Gogeta cards - containing a total of four different cards – that are all included in each expansion set in both foil and non-foil variants. These cards are designed to support archetypes from the previous booster pack, Destroyer Kings, and three booster packs (from Destroyer Kings) are even included in every set. Buyers will definitely get a bang for their buck in Unity of Saiyans. This set is released alongside Expansion Set 5: Unity of Destruction and is similar in design, but the latter supports different colors and archetypes.

The Brand-New Skills Are About to Change Everything!

The first of the four most important cards in Unity of Saiyans is SSB Gogeta, Resonant Explosion, introducing new skills and mechanics to the game. First, Gogeta is a dual color card! As both a red and green Battle card, Gogeta opens more potential combos than before as it can utilize support cards of both colors. Additionally, Gogeta can act as either a red or green Energy when in the Energy area, making him perfect for decks that want to play multiple colors, such as the Universe 6 Saiyans. However, there is a limit to Gogeta's power. [Energy-Exhaust] is a simple new skill designed to balance the power of dual-colored cards when used as Energy. Cards with this skill must be played in Rest Mode when placed on the Energy area, thus restricting access to Energy early in the game (but to give greater freedom in later turns). The main skill of Gogeta is [Arrival], another new skill. This skill allows the card to be played when the specified colors are in the players' Combo area. Essentially, for only 1 red Energy, Gogeta can be played from the hand any time both a red and green card have been combo-ed. This is a massive effect that can be accessed from as early as turn 1 and when doing so, Gogeta also KOs a card. Without a doubt, SSB Gogeta, Resonant Explosion is a card that players are bound to take advantage of.

Full Power Broly, Resonant Evolution is the other dual-colored card of the set, also featuring [Energy-Exhaust]. [Alliance] is his other new skill that can balance out [Energy-Exhaust]. When Broly attacks, his player can rest Battle cards in his colors to give him power equal to the cards rested – plus [Triple Strike]! This makes Broly an absolutely powerful attacker, capable of dealing huge damage and taking advantage of low power Battle cards that wouldn't have been able to deal damage on their own.

SS Gogeta, Acrobatic Warrior is a 4 cost red Battle card that can be played for free when a 5 cost red-green Battle card is also played, criteria that both aforementioned cards fill. The real power of Gogeta, however, is in its other skill: When switched to Rest Mode by [Alliance], Gogeta can deal direct damage, meaning your opponent cannot combo out of nor negate the attack. This makes SS Gogeta, Acrobatic Warrior perfect against defensive decks, such as Janemba, and when combined with Full Power Broly, Resonant Evolution, it is possible to even deal 4 damage in just a single attack.

Finally, SS Broly, Rampaging Rush has no new skills, but is powerful nonetheless as a 4 cost green Battle card. When played, if the player has a dual-colored red-green card in his Energy area, Broly both draws its player a card and discards a card from the opponent's hand. Additionally, Broly can also KO any Battle card the opponent controls, effectively granting three cards worth of advantage in but a single card! Clearly, SS Broly, Rampaging Rush is already a powerful card on its own. But when combined with Broly supports (from previous sets), he can be played as early as Turn 2. Expect this Broly to impact Broly decks and red/green decks alike.

When Will the Saiyans Clash Again

Expansion Set 4: Unity of Saiyans launches on 31 May 2019. Each set includes all four new cards in both their foil and non-foil versions. The set launches alongside Expansion Set 5: Unity of Destruction and both are part of the new Infinite Unity block. The MSRP for each expansion set is 15,99 €.