Set Information

Unleash the Universe 11 Unison!

On 29 May 2020, the Dragon Ball Super Card Game releases Expansion Set 12: Universe 11 Unison. This new expansion set releases alongside Expansion Set 11: Universe 7 Unison and follows the previous format of past expansion sets.

Universe 11 introduces seven brand-new cards, as well as a card case in true Universe 11 style. The cards featured are exclusively yellow and focus around the Universe 11 archetype, utilizing control strategies. The set, alongside Universe 7 Unison, also introduces the new card type - Unison cards. Unison cards are an entirely new card type, acting essentially as a partner to Leader cards.

The expansion is set to be another big hit like the expansion sets before it, thanks to the introduction of brand-new mechanics and powerful new cards. Each expansion set has an MSRP of 16,99 €.

The Pride Troopers of Universe 11

Toppo // Toppo, Candidate of Destruction is the Leader card of this expansion and without a doubt this card is magnificent. Toppo not only features the standard draw 1 card when attacking on its front side, but also features an additional means to [Awaken] – by having a 2-cost yellow Unison card in play. On its awakened side, Toppo is incredible as he retains the draw each turn! However, Toppo also has a permanent skill that prevents players from playing more than one Battle card per turn as long as a 2-cost yellow Unison card is in play. This is an amazing controlling Leader that can completely bottleneck offensive pressure. And with no means to remove Unison cards in the game currently, Toppo’s ability is going to remain in play for many turns, allowing you to control the board state before ending the game with a big Universe 11 finisher.

The featured Unison card of the set that works alongside Toppo is Vegeta, Unison of Fury. Vegeta is a 2-cost Unison card, able to give himself Unison counters by switching itself or a Battle card to rest mode, therefore keeping it in play longer in order to maintain Toppo’s permanent skill. Vegeta also has two additional skills: By removing a Unison counter, Vegeta prevents the opposing player from attacking with Battle cards with costs higher than their Energy, rendering big finishers such as Son Goku, the Awakened Power useless! Additionally, Vegeta can act as an offensive threat, removing 3 counters to give itself [Double Strike] / [Dual Attack]. This dynamic duo forms an incredible controlling core to a deck, slowing down offensive decks, and forcing opponents to focus on bringing down Vegeta. 

Dyspo, the Flashstriker is another awesome car that should be discussed. While not necessarily a control card, Dyspo is a great card in terms of tempo. If the player has a 2-cost yellow Unison card, Dyspo can be played for free, as long as the player has no Battle cards. Behind the 0 cost and 15000 Power body, Dyspo also has [Critical], thus filling multiple roles in its deck. Dyspo allows himself to be played early and to maintain card advantage, while also applying pressure to your opposing control players. He is a great card that could easily see play thanks to its 0-cost multipurpose function.

Last to be reviewed is Spirit Fist. This card is essentially an archetypal multipurpose Crusher Ball, playable as a [Counter: Play] card to switch a Battle card to rest mode for 1 Energy or as a 10000 combo Power during your own turn. While it cannot hit Battle cards with [Barrier] like Crusher Ball can, it does have the advantage of being playable after threats are already in play. Spirit Fist is a great card and continues the trend of multipurpose cards that this set introduces.