Set Information

Meet the Power of Unison!

Coming 29 May 2020, the Dragon Ball Super Card Game launches Expansion Set 11: Universe 7 Unison. This brand-new expansion set continues from the success and format of previous expansion sets. It guarantees seven brand-new cards in each set, as well as a card case perfect for storing your decks in. The cards featured in Universe 7 Unison are exclusively red, so red players should be more than happy with its release.

As the name of the set suggests, the set largely focuses on Universe 7 cards and introduces the new card type - Unison cards. Unison cards are an entirely new card type with their own equally new area. Acting somewhat of a middle ground between Leaders and Battle cards, Unison cards gain and use counters for powerful effects.

Each expansion set has an MSRP of 16,99 €.

A Fan-Favorite Fusion, God, and Villain

Gotenks, Unison of Rage is the featured Unison card of the set. The card is a red Universe 7 card requiring at least 2 red Energy to play. But being a Unison card, players will be able to pay any number of additional Energy as they wish. And as with all Unison cards, Gotenks gains counters when played equal to the number of Energy paid. These counters can then be used to prevent the Unison card from being KO’d by battle or to activate its skills. By removing 2 counters from Gotenks, the player is able to reduce the power of their Leader by 5000 and look at the opponent’s hand, while also discarding a multicolored Battle card with 10000 power or less. Additionally, Gotenks can give himself another counter in order to take a life and reduce the player’s Leader by 5000 Power yet again. While reducing your own Leader's power might seem counterproductive, Gotenks has a third skill that works amazingly well, granting your Leader 10000 Power whenever its power is reduced, essentially removing the 5000 Power cost from all of its abilities.

Synergising amazingly well with Gotenks is the actual Leader of the expansion set, Vegeta // Vegeta, Candidate of Destruction. Vegeta is a red Leader card that can [Awaken] at 4 life or by having a red Unison card in play… which Gotenks just so happens to be! On its awoken side, Vegeta is a simple yet effective card, gaining [Dual Attack] once per turn when it loses Power.

Clearly, the general strategy for these two cards is to debuff Vegeta with Gotenks, take a card from the opponent's hand while also granting Vegeta 10000 Power and [Dual Attack]. This gameplay allows for some early aggression and offensive pressure.

Beerus, Wrath of the Gods is the next incredible card released in this set. Beerus, for all intents and purposes, is a level up on popular cards such as Double Shot Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta, requiring only a single red Energy. Although Beerus requires a red Vegeta Leader, he makes up for his weakness by putting [Critical] on its 15000 Power body that can be put into play from turn one. Beerus is a card that will easily see play thanks to its raw stats and the advantage it introduces when used.

The last but not least noteworthy card is Frieza, Fair-Weather Fiend. Frieza is a 4 cost red Battle card with 20000 Power, not too distant from Beerus, Wrath of the Gods. However, instead of requiring a single Energy to be played when combo-ed with, Frieza requires two 2 cost red Unison cards in play.

Frieza is a great tempo play and acts as a counter to heavily defensive decks, thanks to the strong advantage its skill brings. When an opponent plays a counter, Frieza punishes the player by reducing any Battle card's Power by 30000, ensuring that if an opposing player wants to play defensively, they're going to have to sacrifice card advantage for it.