Set Information

Android 21 Makes Her Grand Appearance in Expert Deck 2: Android Duality!

Expert Deck 2: Android Duality hits shelves on 29 November 2019. The deck is blue/green focused on Android 21, who makes her first appearance to the Dragon Ball Super Card Game. The deck is designed with existing players in mind, including 10 new cards not obtainable anywhere else. As with the previous Expert Decks, five random cards in each deck are in foil.

Android 21 // Self-Control Android 21 is the blue Leader card, granting the player a draw on each attack and allowing an early [Awaken] as soon as the player charges a multicolor card when their life is at 6 or less. Once awoken, Android 21 prevents the owner from playing cards with a 6 or higher Energy cost... but for good reason! On the awoken side, Android 21 is able to recover Energy from the Drop area if one of the players' existing Energy is placed there. (This is a theme that will be seen in the cards coming up). It doesn't stop there though, as Android 21 then awards the players for their efforts by granting them a draw and untapping an Energy on the next turn. Android 21 is a very interesting Leader card with the potential to be a Tempo leader and with skills unlike any previously in the game.

The Supporting Cast Is Leaving It All on the Field

Supporting 21 is Android 16, A New Start. Android 16 makes use of 21's Energy revival skill. As a 3 cost 15000 Power Battle card, Android 16 initially seems quite bland. However, his skills easily make up for his stats. While in the hand, 16 allows the player to send a dual-colored Energy to the Drop area in order to play himself without paying Energy. This can then  trigger 21's skill, granting the player more Energy and card advantage. Android 16 also features the new skill, [Revive]! Once per turn, when KO'd, Android 16 is able to bring himself back by simply discarding a blue/green card. Android 16, A New Start seems like an essential card for any players interested in utilizing Android 21, by not only triggering her skills but also granting cheap early pressure.

Next up, Android 21 makes her appearance but this time in Battle card form. Android 21, the Beautiful Scientist is a new card that fills multiple roles. When played, 21 has three main skills. The first costs 4 Energy and places any card from the top seven into the player's Energy - essentially reducing her cost to 3 and leaving players with Energy to defend themselves. Next up, 21 KO's any Battle card, regardless of power or cost. Finally, Android 21 also has [Blocker], ensuring players get to use the extra Energy they just ramped. Android 21, the Beautiful Scientist is a great card for building tempo and dealing with aggressive decks by stopping attacks, removing threats, and accelerating energy! This variant of Android 21 is without a doubt one of the strongest cards in the deck and is bound to see play both inside and outside of Android 21 decks.

Overall Expert Deck 2: Android Duality features a lot of new and interesting cards that can make for some fresh strategies that at a first glance look like they could indeed be extremely strong. It'll be very exciting to see what players can do with the cards when they launch.

What Comes with the Deck?

Each Expert Deck includes a 51-card pre-built deck, as well as a booster pack of the latest set – Malicious Machinations – which further supports the Android 21 strategy. Each deck also includes five random foil variant cards, consisting of the exclusive cards released in the deck.  As with the previous Expert Deck, Expert Deck 2: Android Duality is expected to have an MSRP of 15.99 €.