Set Information

Android 21 Makes Her Grand Appearance in Expert Deck 2: Android Duality!

On November 22nd, the Dragon Ball Super Card Game introduces Expert Deck 2: Android Duality! Releasing alongside booster pack 8 & Starter deck 10, the deck focuses around Android 21, who makes her first appearance to Dragon Ball Super Card Game. The deck utilizes both green and blue cards and is designed with existing players in mind, with 10 exclusive cards not obtainable elsewhere. As with the previous expert deck, 5 random cards in each deck will also be given in foil, heightening the collectability of the product.

Each expert deck includes a 51 card pre-built deck, as well as a booster pack of the latest set (Malicious Machinations) which further supports the Android 21 strategy. Check back in early November when the new cards are revealed to see how the Android 21 strategy pieces together.