Set Information

One of DBZ's Greatest Villains Is Realized Through The Ultimate Life Form

The Ultimate Life Form is the Dragon Ball Super Card Game's 3rd Expert Deck and it launches on 14 February 2019. Returning to the Cell saga, Expert Deck 3 focuses on the Cell and Android strategy, one that veteran players are sure to be familiar with. The deck utilizes both green and yellow cards with multiple dual-colored cards introduced. Booster Pack 9 Universal Onslaught releases alongside The Ultimate Life Form and will provide plenty of great upgrades for the Expert Deck.

Cell Is Back and More Perfect Than Ever!!

Starting with one of the best cards of the set, Cell, Genetic Consumption is a brand new one-drop that grants access to a new Cell chain faster than ever before. Cell has the [Union-Absorb] skill, absorbing an Android 17 from the drop area and playing a 4 cost green / yellow Cell from the deck. This is an amazing starter card for the deck, accessing the powerful chains contained within the deck from as early as Turn 1. Currently, there aren't many great targets for this particular Cell, which is why the deck also includes one.

Cell, Perfection Reclaimed fits the bill for the 1 cost Cell and has a great skill to take advantage of. This 4 cost Cell also has the [Union-Absorb] skill, but this time absorbing an Android 18 from the drop area, and costing a single green Energy. This card will allow an 8 cost Cell to be played from the deck, so long as the player is able to get the required Androids in their drop area. Previously, Cell decks have struggled in play if they got stuck with the high-cost cards in their hand or drop - this Cell actively avoids this issue.

Cell, Perfection Misspent is the final segment of this new Cell chain, playable via the previous Cell skill. Perfection Misspent immediately grants value by KO-ing a card when played. This Cell, however, has an extra skill, perfect for disrupting aggressive decks. By KO-ing itself, Cell can negate an attack and play its previous form from the drop area, essentially creating a small loop whereby the player can play Cell each turn until they run out of targets. Together, this new Cell chain is a great alternative to the classic hand control chain players are used to.

Lastly, Android 17, Impending Crisis may not be part of the Cell chain, but it is a simple yet effective card for adding consistency to it. Android 17 is a 1 cost Battle card reminiscent of Master Roshi, Forged of Will, being a 1 cost negate that also plays itself. However, Android 17 adds an extra skill to the mix: When played, Adroid 17 allows the player to place any Android card from the deck into the drop area, perfect for meeting the [Union-Absorb] requirements of the previous Cell chain by single-handedly meeting both requirements itself. Play Android 17, Impending Crisis to stop an incoming attack and drop any Android 18 card before comboing 17 away to apply or remove pressure. This sets up a full Cell chain (assuming the player has access to Cell, Genetic Consumption).