Set Information

Release the Potential of Expert Deck: Universe 6 Assailants

On August 2019, the Dragon Ball Super Card Game releases a brand-new product type, designed especially for competitive play: Expert Deck: Universe 6 Assailants. This new type of preconstructed deck includes 10 exclusive cards, as well as a booster pack from Assault of the Saiyans, a pack that directly supports the cards in the Expert Deck. As with all DBS TCG decks, Universe 6 Assailants includes 51 ready-to-play cards, the Leader card, and five random cards out of the exclusive 10 that is getting a special foil treatment. The deck is specifically designed for existing players, structured around the Universe 6 archetype which utilizes blue and yellow and includes great reprints for both, such as the ever-popular Senzu Bean which is bound to make this set popular with just about everyone.

Meet the Saiyans of Universe 6

Of the brand-new cards, one of the most impressive has to be the Leader card, Cabba // Vegeta & Cabba, Master & Pupil. This yellow Leader card works exclusively with the Universe 6 archetype as Cabba locks the player into using only Universe 6 and Vegeta Battle cards. However, he makes up for this with his powerful skills. When a blue or yellow Universe 6 Battle card is played, Cabba allows the player to take a life and boost itself by 5000 Power, resulting in a super early [Awaken] and granting the player quick access to the much more powerful side, Vegeta & Cabba, Master & Pupil. Cabba's flipped side has four powerful skills: First, the Leader gains 5000 Power whenever all the opponent's Energy is in Rest Mode, forcing the opponent into a card deficit in order to get damage through. Second, the Leader has the standard "attack and draw 1 card" skill, which gets heightened when combined with his third skill – allowing the player to draw a card whenever an opponent's Energy is switched to Rest mode. Lastly, the player can choose up to two of the opponent's Energy and these chosen cards can't be switched to Active Mode. All these grant card advantage just for utilizing the Universe 6 strategy.

One of the most generic although interesting cards of the set is Caulifla, Troublemaker of Universe 6. Caulifla is a 2 cost yellow Battle card, playable in almost any deck that can flex into yellow energy. When played, Caulifla allows the player to take a life in order to switch an opponent's Energy to Rest mode. This may be a simple skill, but it's very effective for aggressive decks, especially with Cabba as a Leader. Furthermore, she limits an opponent's access to [Counter] cards by removing their access to Energy, making for quick and easy damage.

Sisterly Bonds Kale is a great card for the Universe 6 deck. As a 2 cost blue Battle card, Kale searches the top 10 cards for a 2 cost or less Cabba or Caulifla and plays it straight to the field. This allows the player to grab whatever is needed in the situation, effectively granting flexibility, card advantage, and swarming capabilities in just one skill. One of the possible cards that the player may want to grab is Cabba, Saiyan of Universe 6. This Cabba is a 2 cost yellow Battle card that grabs two Universe 6 cards from the top seven cards of the player’s deck simply by discarding one card, thus pushing the card advantage even further. Additionally, Cabba can also lock a Battle card into Rest Moder for an additional turn. These two cards combo great together by grabbing a bunch of cards in one quick move and ensuring the player has follow-up plays in the following turns.

The Universe 6 cards are a consistent set of cards bound to be popular with players for their ability to play aggressively without losing card advantage.

When Are the Assailants Arriving?

Expert Deck: Universe 6 Assailants releases on 2 August 2019 in the U.S.A. (estimated mid-August in Europe) alongside Starter Deck: Saiyan Legacy. Each deck has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $ 15.99 (15,99 €). Be prepared for more advanced plays.