Set Information

Embrace the Power of Broly with Magnificient Collection – Forsaken Warrior

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game releases a magnificent new product on 31 October 2019, aptly named Magnificent Collection - Forsaken Warrior. Each collection includes a new structure deck intended for competitive play out of the box. The deck also has several popular cards like Son Goku, Path to Greatness, previously only obtainable as tournament prizes. Other popular reprints like Furthering Destruction Champa are getting new card art. The collection is notably releasing alongside another Magnificent Collection focused around Gogeta.18 new cards are introduced across these collections and every box contains two copies of each!

Promotional Cards Here, Promotional Cards There…

The first of these promotional cards is Son Goten, Strong of Heart. Goten is a 2 cost red / green Battle card, designed to work alongside the red / green Broly cards introduced in Assault of the Saiyans. When played, Goten can send a card like Dormant Legend to the Drop area, allowing the player to both draw a card and untap an Energy. Goten is effectively a 1 cost card that replaces itself and allows powerful Broly cards to be played by ignoring the cost of Dormant Legend. Until now, harsh activation conditions have made it difficult to play powerful Broly cards, but Goten might just be enough to bring red / green Broly into the limelight.

Also making its debut is Super Baby 2, the Malicious Tyrant. Baby is a red / yellow Battle card with an air of mystery surrounding it. A 4 cost card that, when combo-ed with, allows the player to draw 2 cards in exchange for first returning 2 cards from the hand to the deck. This alone may prove helpful to Baby decks, returning dead cards back to the deck in order to draw more combo pieces. However, Baby's first skill is the interesting one: When played from the hand, Baby gives all Baby and Brainwashed cards 5000 Power. And on top of that, it negates the opponent's Leader card's non-keyword skills. We have yet to find out what these "Brainwashed" cards are but this may be introduced in Starter Deck 10 – Parasitic Overload, releasing later in 2019. Baby is definitely a promising card with an exciting skill to look out for.

The final card we'll be taking a look at is another Broly support card. Wailing Spirit is a 2 cost yellow / green Extra card with a simple effect. When played, Wailing Spirit allows the player to play any 4 cost Broly:Br card from the deck. In exchange, the card loses its Auto skills for the duration of the turn. This is a huge addition to green and yellow Broly decks, granting immediate access to the Broly evolution chains without needing to spend a huge amount of Energy and without paying life through cards like Broly Unrealized Ambition. This card alone may be enough to reshape Broly decks, allowing them to focus on more utility-based cards, rather than the multiple low-cost cards required to start the Broly engine. Wailing Spirit is a very exciting card that may lead to more diversity among Broly decklists.

When Do They Launch?

Magnificent Collection - Forsaken Warrior releases on 25 October 2019 in the US, but comes to Europe on 31 October 2019 alongside the Magnificent Collection - Fusion Hero. Each Magnificent Collection has an MSRP of 39,99 € and makes an excellent starter kit for new players, as well as existing players looking to expand their collection.