Set Information

Gogeta Takes on Broly Once Again in a Magnificent Battle!

Releasing on October 2019, the Dragon Ball Super Card Game will be launching a brand-new Expansion Set: Magnificent Collection Gogeta: Br. The 92-card set will feature a ready-to-play out-of-the-box Gogeta Structure Deck featuring the Leader card, SS Gogeta the Unstoppable. The card, which was previously only available as a promo card, will now be available to all players with an exclusive alternate artwork. Additionally, included in the set will be 18 never before seen cards with two copies of each card for a total of 36 cards! But wait, there's more! Each set will also have five foil variant cards randomly chosen from the exclusive 18, completing the massive 92 cards.

The Expansion Set will launch on 25 October 2019 in the U.S.A. (around Fall 2019 for Europe) alongside Expansion Set: Magnificent Collection Broly: Br with the expected MSRP of $ 39.99 (39,99 €). Don't forget to check back on September 2019 to find out more about the brand-new cards in Magnificent Collection Gogeta.