Set Information

Embrace the Power of Gogeta with Magnificient Collection – Fusion Hero

On 31 October 2019, the Dragon Ball Super Card Game releases its first-ever out-of-the-box competitive decks. Magnificent Collection - Fusion Hero is one of these competitive decks, containing a full deck, like any structure deck, but designed specifically for competition. The deck contains sought-after cards like the popular Senzu Bean or the bane of many a competitive player – Gogeta, Hero Revived. The collection releases alongside Magnificent Collection - Forsaken Warrior, which focuses on the yellow Broly:Br Leader. While the collections may differ with the decks they carry, both include 18 brand new cards shared between the two decks. You get more than just that though, with five random cards from the collection coming in foil.

New Cards Supercharging Old Strategies

Vegeta, Preparing for Battle is one of the brand new promotional cards introduced with these two new Magnificent Collections. Being a 2 cost red card, Vegeta is immediately a target for the Gogeta // SS Gogeta, the Unstoppable Leader as well as the numerous Gogeta and Veku fusion cards. He's more than just a good target though. At the cost of discarding Vegeta, the player is able to add any Gogeta or Veku card from the Drop area back to the hand, effectively allowing Vegeta to grab any resource you need from the Drop area. Vegeta is, without a doubt, one of the strongest cards included in the Magnificent Collections and its archetype will get a lot stronger.

Next up, Broly, Preparing for Battle is a brand new 1 cost Broly:Br that finally links the green and yellow Broly strategies. Until now, green Broly & yellow Broly were two different decks. Broly is a 1 cost green card that initially KO's a 1 cost card when played, but its second skill is where it really shines. For a single yellow Energy, Broly returns itself to the hand to play any 4 cost Broly:Br. There are a large number of targets for the new card to play, so Broly, Preparing for Battle is definitely a card to look out for. These cards are all great, but the next card could push Gogeta Ramp decks straight to the top.

SS Gogeta, All-Out Assault is without a doubt one of the most anticipated cards of the set. Gogeta is a dual-color red / blue card that can be played for 5 Energy if the players' Leader card is a blue Gogeta card (much like the Leader included in the structure deck) by returning all Goku:Br and Vegeta:Br cards from the Drop area to the deck. Additionally, when played, Gogeta allows the player to charge the top 2 cards of their deck at the end of the turn. SS Gogeta, All-Out Assault may just well be the most effective card in the entire set, and it just remains to be seen how the card can compete in competitive play.

Getting Down to the Magnificent Details

Each Magnificent Collection has an MSRP of 39,99 € and it's an excellent entry point for new players, while offering existing players an excellent opportunity to expand their collection. Do you want to storm onto the competitive scene with a ready-made deck? Then take a look at this and the Broly deck and take your local scene by storm.