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Machine Mutants Run Rampant with Booster Pack 8: Malicious Machinations

On 29 November 2019, Dragon Ball Super Card Game released Malicious Machinations, the second booster pack of the Infinite Unity block! As with the previous booster pack, Malicious Machinations releases new color combinations, this time focusing on Red / Yellow & Blue / Green. The set contains 147 new cards, excluding the foil variants of common & uncommon cards. Malicious Machinations releases alongside Expert Deck 2: Android Duality & Starter Deck 10: Parasitic Overlord and includes a plethora of support for both decks. So, if you're interested in either the Baby or Android 21 strategy, Malicious Machinations is definitely for you!

Malicious Card Machinations

Dragon Balls, Negative Energy Overflow is the first card of its kind in that it's the first Secret Rare Extra Card. There's more than novelty to this card though, as the card itself is also strong. The card is a 7 cost Black Card that costs less for every Battle Card the player has in their Drop Area, essentially allowing the card to be played for free in the right decks and making the card playable in almost any deck that doesn't utilize Over-Realm. While this card won't stop players from losing, it'll definitely make opponents think twice before committing to huge boards. Dragon Balls, Negative Energy Overflow is without a doubt one of the strongest and most unique cards in the game thus far.

From one Secret Rare to another – and possibly the most powerful card in the set Baby Janemba, Corrupt Coalescence is a Red / Yellow Secret Rare. The card is an 8 Cost card, but really costs 5 thanks to its skill. Activated from the hand for 2 Red and 3 Yellow Energy, Baby Janemba forces the opponent to either take 3 Critical damage or let Baby hit the field, in the process reducing the opponents' Leader Card's power by a whopping 30.000! No matter the choice, Baby throws a huge amount of pressure onto the opponent.

Raditz, Arrival of the Invader is a new Red / Green Battle card that can be used in multiple ways. For 4 Energy, Raditz comes down and lets the player choose a card from the opponent's hand to send to the Warp, also granting himself Critical for good measure. Raditz also has another skill, his combo cost is reduced to 0 when the player has a Red / Green Energy. This allows Raditz to bypass some of Red / Green's old weaknesses, essentially allowing arrival to take place cheaper and earlier. Raditz is a very exciting card that may just push Red / Green Saiyans into the spotlight.

Finally, Android 16, Energy Amplification – a card which garnered a lot of hype moving toward release - is a massive card for Android 21 and Energy-Ramp decks. Costing just 1 Blue & 1 Green Energy, when played, Android 16 places the top card from the player's deck into their Energy but prevents them from playing cards with 30.000 – 35.000 Power. No longer do players have to lose two cards from their hand in order to ramp an Energy. Instead, Android 16 gives the player the same amount of Energy for 1 less card, only he grants 5.000 combo power as well. For Blue / Green ramp decks, Android 16 is superior to Objection in every way. Without a doubt, this card is going to be seen in all Android 21 decks going forward.

When Do the Machines Get Malicious?

Each Box contains 24 booster packs, with each pack containing 12 cards. The set contains 147 new cards and is designed to support the 2 decks released alongside it: Expert Deck 2: Android Duality & Starter Deck 10: Parasitic Overlord. Each pack is expected to retail at 3.99 € and the booster pack is perfect for players of all levels.