Set Information

Release the Power Within the Dragon Balls and Call Forth Shenron in Miraculous Revival

Miraculous Revival is the first booster set of Dragon Ball Super’s brand new Shenron's Wishes block and the fifth booster set of the entire trading card game. Fans of the anime will obviously recognize characters and items. Most notably are Shenron and the Dragon Balls, both debuting in this expansion. The set brings forth brand new game mechanics in the form of three new card skills and offers a new gameplay as players try to unleash the power of the seven Dragon Balls. Consisting of 221 total cards with an unprecedented 11 SRs and 11 SPRs, plus a guaranteed SPR or higher in every box, the set makes for an exciting addition to the Dragon Ball Super Card Game.

Two New Skills and a Whole New Way to Play

Miraculous Revival brings two brand-new skills featured on many Battle Cards, Sparking and Burst. In addition, a new way of awakening Leader cards is introduced through the Wish skill.
Sparking is a new skill-type that is only activated once the player meets the criteria of having the stated number of cards in their Drop Area. One exciting card that utilizes the Sparking skill is Super 17, Cell Absorbed. Super 17 is a green 6 Cost card requiring at least four green Energy. The card has Deflect, preventing it from being hit by cards such as Crusher Ball or Cold Bloodlust, meaning its other skills are guaranteed to apply pressure on opponents when played. The card also has Dual Attack and Critical, but more importantly, the card has a Sparking 10 skill. If the player has ten or more cards in the Drop Area when Super 17 attacks, the opponent must discard two cards as long as Super 17's controller is using a green Android Leader card. Super 17 is able to decimate an opponent's hand, discarding as many as four cards with its two skills combined, whilst simultaneously preventing the opponent from gaining life with its Critical skill. The card is an amazing addition to Android decks, supporting the hand destruction strategy and acting as a finisher in a deck that has limited options, able to wipe out both the opponent's hand and life.

How can players fill the Drop Area to utilize the Sparking skill? Burst is the new skill that does just that. When activated, Burst sends a designated number of cards from the player's deck to the Drop Area to activate a related skill. One great example is Yamcha, at 100%, an incredible card capable of applying intense pressure from as early as Turn 3. Yamcha has a "once per turn" Burst 5 skill that grants him additional 6000 Power, making his total power level a whopping 25000. Plus, this skill prevents Yamcha’s attacks from being negated. If this isn't enough, Yamcha also deals 2 damage to the opponent's life when it KOs a Battle Card. This essentially punishes opponents for playing popular cards (such as Saiyan Cabba), as Yamcha can easily KO these cards for a quick 2 damage to the opponent's life at almost no cost. Yamcha, at 100% is a super aggressive card that punishes opponents for playing low attack cards in the Battle Area, whilst at the same time, filling the Drop Area for Sparking or Over-Realm skills. The card is definitely one to look out for.

Desire is a brand-new card type introduced in the Shenron's Wishes block and Miraculous Revival brings with it a huge number of these. So far, all Desire cards are EXTRA cards, requiring a Shenron Leader to use their powerful effects. Essentially, they are powerful cards that reward the player for using the new Shenron Leader cards. One such card is World Peace, a black 4 Energy Desire card. The card is super simple, yet very versatile, enabling the player to play any Battle Card from the Drop Area that has an Energy cost that is less than or equal to the player's total Energy. This card, therefore, increases in value as the game progresses and the player's Energy increases, essentially allowing them to cheat out cards for only 4 Energy. At the same time, the card is as flexible as the cards in the player's Drop Area, allowing them to pick the best card from their Drop Area in their given scenario, whether they need to apply pressure (by playing a card, such as Beerus Universe 7 Divine Vanquisher) or to set up a defense (by playing a locker, such as Bardock, Will of Iron). Desire cards are interesting additions to that meta that only get stronger with the Leader Cards that utilize them.

Miraculous Revival not only introduces new skills on Battle Cards but also on Leader cards. The skill exclusive to Leaders is Wish, a brand-new skill that replaces the standard Awaken on Leader Cards. Essentially, the Wish skill awakens the Leader when all seven Dragon Balls are in the Drop Area, rather than requiring the player to hit a certain life total. One such card is Son Gohan // Righteous Heart Son Gohan, a blue Leader card that grants the player any Dragon Ball card from their deck or life when the card attacks, allowing for the assembly of all seven Dragon Balls at an accelerated rate. Once all seven Dragon Balls are in the Drop Area, Gohan becomes really interesting. He allows the player to add any Desire card from their Drop Area and flip the card over. As Righteous Heart Son Gohan, the player can access one of the three skills each turn. (1) The player draws one card, matching the standard awakened Leader attack skill. (2) The player activates any Desire card in their hand without paying the card's Energy cost. This is an interesting effect that many of the new Leader cards have. Gohan’s final skill is intended as a game ender. (3) By Warping the assembled Dragon Balls, the player can switch up to 3 Energy back to Active Mode, at the same time granting Gohan +15000 Power and Critical. Applying Gohan's 30000 Power with Critical becomes even more powerful when used with Gohan’s own Desire card, Call of Justice which allows Gohan to attack again for only 2 Energy.

The Revival of Miraculous Revival

Miraculous Revival launches on 9 November 2018, available in 24 pack booster boxes or individual booster packs, each containing 12 cards. As with all Dragon Ball Super booster packs, each pack contains eight commons, three uncommons, and one rare or higher card. Booster packs may also contain a foil version of a common or uncommon and for the first time ever, each booster box is guaranteed to contain a special rare or higher card. The manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) for Miraculous Revival is £ 3.99 (approx. 3,99 €).