Set Information

A New Era Rises with Rise of the Unison Warrior

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game’s tenth booster pack, Rise of the Unison Warrior is the first of a new series: The Unison Warrior Series! It's common for the first booster pack of a new series to introduce some new card skills and this time, Dragon Ball Super is releasing a new card type – the Unison card! This 154-card set packs quite a huge punch as it releases new strategies and a heap of cards that fit perfectly into existing strategies! Thre are also new cards for each color that are bound to shake up the meta.

Uni-What Cards?

If, for some reason, you didn’t read the previous paragraph, there’s a brand new card type in town – Unison cards. But what are they? They’re basically somewhere between a Battle and Leader card. With variable costs and their ability to withstand multiple attacks, Unison cards will become a core part of every deck, granting players flexibility and amazing new skills that build on and create entirely new strategies. Take Mechikabura, Plotting Revival as an example. It’s an amazing control card, capable of stopping multiple attacks, while also shutting down troublesome Battle cards. It is even able to take control of opposing Battle cards.

Now that you’ve got a grasp on Unison cards, what about support for these exciting new cards? Cards like Released from Evil has you covered. A simple 1 cost [Counter: Attack] that prevents the affected card from switching to Active Mode and negates its skills - perfect for shutting down any offensive threat. Plus, if you control a Unison card, you also get to play it for free. Now that's value!

What about [Counter: Play] cards? Frieza, Charismatic Villain is a card in this set that costs 5 Energy to playand can KO any Battle card of 7 cost or less. While this might not seem worth the energy cost to play, it becomes free to use if you have a Unison card in play, making the value so huge that it’s difficult to see a situation in which you wouldn’t want to use it if you are able to. Keep an eye out for these cards as they are going to change EVERYTHING.

What About the Rest?

It’s not just Unison cards that are going to make an impact with this new set. Great Ape Masked Saiyan, Primal Carnage is one of 3 secret rares introduced with the booster and it has quickly become a staple in almost any green deck. Basically, the card can play both offense and defense exceptionally, so if you don’t have another ultimate card to play, play this one. Reminiscent of the old Shugesh-explosive spirit combo, by removing it from a combo area, you get to KO any opposing Battle card, ignoring [Barrier]. Simply shut down any play that puts you at risk for a mere 1 Energy. But it gets better as this Great Ape can also be played for 5 green Energy, and when it does, it grants itself [Dual Attack] and [Triple Strike]. You’re definitely bound to see a whole lot of this guy rampaging around your tournament scene.

The set also includes a whole range of other cards supporting different strategies, including Gotenks, Zamasu, Yamcha, and even the new Shadow Dragon strategy! With three secret rares and a whole load of super and special rares, there are a lot of reasons to go out and pick up some boosters for yourself. Rise of the Unison Warrior releases on 17 July 2020 and we can’t wait to see its long term impact!