Set Information

Universal Onslaught Brings Expert and Starter Decks Much Needed Support

Universal Onslaught, the Dragon Ball Super Card Game's 9th core booster pack, launches on 14 February 2019. The expansion also releases alongside the Booster Set 9 Starter and Expert decks. This core booster features cards to support each of the Starter and Expert decks, but as well as numerous others. Also included in the set are fan-favorite Leader cards reimagined in the form of reboot Leader Rares, a brand new rarity comprising of existing Leader cards from the first Dragon Dall Super Card Game sets, but with upgraded and modernized skills! Universal Onslaught also includes a three Secret Rares, ass well as all the expected extras, such as Special Rares, Super Rares, and a new Iconic Attack Rare!

The Onslaught Brings Strong Red / Blue Support in Spades

Hit, in Cold Blood is a brand new Battle card for the Universe 6 deck. It is a 7 cost blue / yellow card, which would normally make it hard to play, especially in the aggressive versions of the deck. However, its skill makes the card playable as it costs one less for each blue or yellow card the player controls. This cost reduction allows it to be a curve topper for the deck and makes it perfect for closing out games. When played, Hit, in Cold Blood flips the opposing Leader card to its front side and even prevents [Awaken]. It's great stat line to boot makes this a must-have for Universe 6 players.

Red decks are getting a powerhouse as well in Frieza, Death's Embrace. Frieza is a 1 cost red Battle card that immediately replaces itself by drawing another card when played. This isn't where Frieza shines though, as for a single red Energy, Frieza can reduce either a Battle card or Leader card's Power by 10000. This might seem fairly mediocre, but it can trigger more than once per turn, allowing Frieza players huge offensive or defensive swings.

The next two cards are both red / blue cards that work extremely well together.

First off is Catastrophic Blow. This is a red / blue Extra card that can deal damage directly to the opponent’s life for 5 Energy. The card can also be Warped from the Drop area in order to add an extra card from the top of the deck to the hand. Catastrophic Blow is an interesting card as it is essentially the first Extra card that can deal direct damage. However, its hefty cost limits its usefulness, which is where the next card comes in.

Ultra Instinct Son Goku, Energy Explosion is an amazing card featuring a brand new skill, [Invoker]. [Invoker] allows red / blue Extra cards to be played for a single red / blue Energy no matter the card's cost! Obviously, this allows you to play your Catastrophic Blows for a single energy, which also synergizes with Goku's ability during the combo step, dealing even more damage once per turn. This could easily take half of an opponent's life in a single turn with very little set up (without any attacking).