Set Information

Frieza Returns in Starter Deck: Clan Collusion

Releasing on 5 June 2020, Starter Deck 13 Clan Collusion offers a green focused deck which introduces players to new unison cards and revolves around the Frieza’s Army archetype. Like all starter decks, the deck has five brand new cards as well as a whole bunch of useful, reprints. The deck is great for new players and existing players alike, aseach starter deck contains a 51-card ready-to-play deck, which is perfect for learning the game!

Frieza’s Last Resort

Frieza // Last Resort Frieza is the Leader card of this Dragon Ball Super set and he requires other cards within its archetype to maximize his skills.  When attacking on its front side, Frieza allows the player to place a Frieza’s Army card in the Drop area to both take a life and discard a card from the opponent's hand. This is a great offensive ability that increases the players card advantage rather significantly. On its [Awaken] side, Frieza pushes hand advantage even further by allowing players to sacrifice Frieza’s Army cards to discard cards from the opponent's hand and grant a [Critical] Unison card. Frieza is an interesting offensive leader thanks to his powerful and varied hand control abilities.

Frieza: Xeno, Darkness Overflowing is the Unison card of the deck. It can prevent itself from taking damage by taking life from the player instead. Costing a mere 2 green Energy, Frieza grants quick access to deck thinning thanks to its first Unison ability: allowing the player to discard a card in order to draw a card and gain a Unison counter. Frieza’s second ability is where it gets interesting though. By removing a Unison counter, Frieza is able to directly KO a 4 cost or less Battle card, but more importantly, Frieza is able to remove a counter straight from an opposing Unison card. This is a huge effect thanks to the lack of methods for removing opposing Unison cards in the gameplay. Frieza can therefore act as a counter-Unison card. 

To close up, we discuss Dodoria, Frieza's Devoted Servant, which offers some great utility for your Leader. The card is a cheap 1 cost green Battle card, but you’re not likely to pay Energy for it though, as it can be played directly from the Drop area if it’s discarded by a skill, allowing it to be sacrificed by any of the Frieza Leader’s previously discussed skills. Dodoria also has the added benefit of being able to return itself from the Drop area to the hand for a single Energy if the player has a Unison card in play. This essentially means that the card will always be able to provide useful sacrifices for Frieza, allowing the Frieza player to gain and maintain a crushing amount of card advantage.

There are more cards than could possibly be covered in included in this expansion, so be sure to look through the full list yourself to see the true potential of this powerful card-advantage based Leader.