Set Information

Baby Runs Rampant with Starter Deck 10: Parasitic Overlord

The Dragonball Super Card Game gets a new Starter Deck, along with a new expansion on 29 November 2019. Like previous Starter Decks, this product contains a full deck designed with new players in mind, themed entirely around the deadly Machine Mutant – Baby! The deck is centralized around red and yellow cards and works with both new and existing Baby cards. The deck is perfect both for new and existing players, featuring five cards unobtainable anywhere else. Baby has previously been a fan favorite, so it's a virtual certainty that more Baby support will be a delight to players both new and old.

New Leaders and Support for the Baby Archetype

Parasitic Overlord introduces a new super-aggressive Baby Leader card: Baby Vegeta // Super Baby 2, Out for Revenge. On its front side, Baby Vegeta has a very aggressive skill, allowing the player to untap it by taking a life. While it doesn’t have any card draw access through this skill, it does grant the player earlier access to its very strong [Awaken] skill. Unlike other Leaders, Baby Vegeta awakens at 2 life, however, it also has a much stronger [Awaken] reward, allowing the player to untap and draw two cards when it awakens. On its awakened side, Baby is very simple, having [Dual Attack] and drawing the player a card when it attacks once per turn.

Supporting Baby is a very simple yet effective card: SS3 Son Goku, the Last Straw. SS3 Goku is the yellow answer to Saiyan Cabba. As a 1 cost yellow card, it is able to grant itself [Double Strike] at the cost of a life. While simple, SS3 Goku is actually perfect for the Baby strategy, supporting the early aggressive strategy of the Leader. With Goku and the Leader's skills combined, it is possible to deal up to 4 damage to an opponent from the very first turn! SS3 Son Goku, the Last Straw is definitely a card that players should consider picking up, no matter the deck they play. As was seen with Saiyan Cabba, these early aggressive cards can have a huge impact in any deck able to play them.

Continuing with the aggressive nature of the deck is two cards that pair perfectly together. Firstly, Super Baby 1, the Conqueror is a new 3 cost Battle card capable of playing itself for free if the opponent has taken 2 or more damage in a single turn. Following this is Super Baby 2, Vengeful Rampage. Super Baby is a 5 cost Battle card that can [Evolve] over Super Baby 1 for a red and yellow Energy. When played, Super Baby 2 has two skills triggers. Firstly, [Offering] is a new skill released in this deck and in Malicious Machinations triggers, forcing the opponent to choose between discarding a life or granting the Baby player two draws. Next, Super Baby 2 removes all skills from the opponent's Battle cards, preventing defensive abilities such as [Barrier] and granting himself [Dual Attack]. This is an incredibly aggressive card, capable of being played as early as turn 2 and single-handedly being able to deal 3 damage is extremely strong.

What Does the Parasite Provide?

Each Starter Deck includes a 51-card pre-built deck, as well as a rule manual designed to help new players. The product is designed with new players in mind and helps introduce them to core game concepts, such as different skills and basic game flow. But the deck is also perfect for existing players looking to expand their card pool as each deck also includes five exclusive cards not available anywhere else! As with the previous Starter Decks, Starter Deck 10: Parasitic Overlord is expected to have an MSRP of 11,99 €.