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Unleash the Power of the Fusion Dance with Starter Deck: Resurrected Fusion

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game launches its sixth starter deck, Starter Deck: Resurrected Fusion alongside Starter Deck: Shenron’s Advent. The starter decks are the first decks of the brand new Shenron’s Wishes block. Launching a week before the first booster set of the same block (Miraculous Revival), this will be the first chance for players to experience brand new cards and game mechanics.

The deck contains five exclusive cards, unobtainable from any other set, as well as 12 brand new cards from Miraculous Revival before the booster pack is even released! The deck also contains a ready-to-play 51-card deck that focuses on bringing forward the power of Gogeta. Fans of the Dragon Ball anime will recognize Gogeta, a fusion of Goku and Vegeta combining both their powers into a single body. Starter Deck: Resurrected Fusion marks Gogeta’s debut to the Dragon Ball Super TCG and it’s definitely a character worth getting excited over.

Experience the Might of Gogeta with Two Brand New Skills

What better way to kick off Resurrected Fusion than by introducing the brand-new Leader card exclusive to this starter deckGogeta // Knockout Strike Gogeta! Players will immediately notice that Gogeta’s front utilizes the common skill of drawing one card when it attacks and untapping 2 Energy when it awakens. However, Gogeta gets skill upgrades.

The card is not required to attack a Leader to gain the draw, meaning it has the same skill as many Leaders but without having the drawback of having to choose between attacking Rest Mode Battle Cards and drawing a card. Additionally, the player must use the new Burst skill. Burst requires the player to send a designated number of cards (in this case, two) from the top of their deck to the Drop Area in order to activate a skill. This type of skill is often associated with black cards and Over-Realm. For Gogeta, however, this skill is to use the full effect of his awoken side.

Once awakened, Gogeta gains access to the new Sparking skill, requiring five or more cards in the Drop Area to activate his plethora of abilities. First, when Gogeta attacks, he draws a card (as expected of an awoken Leader). Second, if the player has 3 Energy or more, Gogeta gains 5000 Power. Furthermore, if the player has 5 Energy or more, Gogeta also gains Double Strike. The power of this Leader card is further amplified with its final skill: Gogeta allows the player to discard a card preventing the opponent from using more than one Counter card during that turn. Together, these skills make Gogeta // Knockout Strike Gogeta a huge threat if left unchecked and a Leader card to lookout for.

With Gogeta being the fusion between Goku and Vegeta, it is expected that new cards are released to support each of these characters in a Gogeta-based starter deck – and this new support doesn’t disappoint. Fusion Reborn Vegeta and Fusion Reborn Son Goku are two brand-new cards, both designed to support the Union-Fusion of Gogeta cards played alongside a Gogeta Leader. Neither of these cards are designed to be played in the battle area, rather they give the player a great advantage when used for Union-Fusion by mitigating the cost associated with the skill. Goku and Vegeta allow the player to draw a card and untap an Energy, respectively, when used from the hand for a Union-Fusion. This means the player doesn’t have to blow out all their resources when playing a card through Union-Fusion. Fusion Reborn Vegeta and Fusion Reborn Son Goku are a great addition to an otherwise rarely used skill and importantly, both support the final exclusive card of the starter deck.

Possibly the most interesting card in Resurrected Fusion is Ultimate Fusion Gogeta, playable by either paying 5 blue Energy or through Union-Fusion for 4 Energy. By utilizing the previously discussed Fusion Reborn Vegeta, this card becomes effectively playable for 3 Energy. Additionally, Ultimate Fusion Gogeta has Sparking, similar to the starter deck’s Leader card. By having five or more cards in the Drop Area, the player is able to return up to two Battle Cards to the bottom of the opponent's deck, plus draw two cards. In optimal circumstances, if the player has Fusion Reborn Son Goku, Fusion Reborn Vegeta, and Ultimate Fusion Gogeta in hand with three or more cards in the Drop Area, the player can replace all the cards to Union-Fusion Gogeta, as well as to clear the opponent’s battle area, resulting in a huge swing in tempo. Ultimate Fusion Gogeta might just be the most exciting card in this set and it is likely to have decks built around it.

When Does Gogeta Debut?

Starter Deck: Resurrected Fusion launches on 30 November 2018. The starter deck contains all the cards mentioned, including a foil and non-foil version of Ultimate Fusion Gogeta, as well as a play manual and play sheet. Each starter deck has a suggested retail price (MSRP) of € 11,99 €.