Set Information

An Entire Starter Deck Based Around the New Dragon Ball Super Movie!

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game launches its third starter deck of the Shenron Wishes block (eighth starter deck overall), Starter Deck: Rising Broly. Unlike previous sets that were released in pairs, Rising Broly is a solo release. However, to make up for this, the deck contains twice the number of exclusive cards compared to previous starter decks – with ten exclusive cards! Additionally, all exclusive cards will also be available in foil, making the deck perfect for players who like to "bling-out" their decks. Furthermore, the deck focuses around two color types, rather than a single color like in previous decks. Cards supporting Broly are prominently green, while Goku, Vegeta, and company are prominently yellow. The deck also features great reprints from older sets such as Cold Bloodlust that work amazingly with the brand-new cards.

Incredibly Strong Cards to Support Upcoming Sets

Why not kick things off with the brand-new Leader card?

Broly // Broly, Evil Unleashed is a brand-new Leader card – perfect to synergize with recent and upcoming Broly supports, but also amazing as a stand-alone Leader. On its front, Broly can add one green Frieza's Army card that costs 1 Energy from the Deck area to the hand. This is a strong effect that is primarily used for adding Broly, Unrealized Ambition to the hand, so that the player can begin the Broly chain. On Broly’s awoken side, he implements a restriction: If the player has two or more Battle cards, he cannot play Battle cards. This is obviously a negative effect, however, Broly makes up for it with his other two effects. Once per turn, Broly, Evil Unleashed allows the player to KO a Battle card on each side of the field, allowing the player to swing with cheap cards before trading them out for an opponent's Battle card. But where Broly really shines is in his final effect. With an activation requirement of Sparking 7, when Broly attacks, the player draws cards until he has six cards in hand. This is a huge effect, allowing the player to increase board pressure by swinging with Battle cards and combo-ing his entire hand to guarantee damage… only to then replenish the lost card advantage! Clearly, Broly, Evil Unleashed is a powerful card with a powerful effect, useable in a multitude of strategies, and reason alone to get hold of this latest DBS set.

Further support for the Broly strategy comes in the form of two cards. Broly, the Ravager and Broly, Rushing Forth come as a pair, their effects intended to work both with each other and on the Broly Leader. Broly, Rushing Forth is a 4 cost Battle card with [Critical] and 20000 Power, enough to cause a sting to any opponent he hits. Additionally, when Broly, Rushing Forth is KO or removed from the Battle area, the player can discard two cards in order to play a 7 cost Broly from their hand. But which 7 cost card? Broly, the Ravager fits this role perfectly. This Broly is the epitome of card advantage with both [Critical] and an "Activate:Battle" ability that allows him to discard a opponent's card by sending three cards from their hand to their Drop area. When played correctly, Broly, the Ravager can hit the Battle area as early as Turn 2, a huge powerplay the opponent is unlikely to ever come back from.

When Does Broly Run Rampant?

Starter Deck 8: Rising Broly launches on 15 March 2019. Each deck contains a 51-card, ready-to-play deck, including ten never-seen cards, each available in gold or silver foiling. The deck also contains cards from past sets, as well as the upcoming booster set Destroyer Kings – all intended to support the strategies in this set. Like previous starter decks, Rising Broly has an MSRP of $ 11.99 (11,99 €).