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The Real Power of the Saiyans Appears in Starter Deck: Saiyan Legacy

Releasing on August 2019, the Dragon Ball Super Card Game introduces Starter Deck: Saiyan Legacy, a brand-new starter deck, perfect for both new and existing players. The deck focuses on a red/green strategy, utilizing dual-colored Saiyan cards to take advantage of powerful new skills such as [Arrival], a brand-new skill that allows cards to be played from the hand without paying their full energy costs. As with all decks, the set includes 51 cards as a ready-to-play deck, featuring five cards that's never been seen before, all available in foil. The deck also includes powerful popular reprints, such as the ever-popular Saiyan Cabba and Afterimage Technique.

King Vegeta's Red/Green Legacy

What better way to introduce this set than running through its featured Leader cards? King Vegeta // King Vegeta, Leader of the Saiyans is a red Leader card that locks the player into only playing Saiyan Battle cards in their deck, however, this does make his second effect all the more likely to resolve. Once per turn, King Vegeta is able to take a life in order to grab a red or green Saiyan or King Vegeta's Dynasty from the top five cards of the deck. This effectively gives the player two cards per turn until the card can [Awaken]. Speaking of, King Vegeta has a very unique [Awaken] clause: When the player has the previously mentioned King Vegeta's Dynasty and 3 or more Energy, King Vegeta is awakened, allowing the player to stay fit before flipping to the other side. Awakened, King Vegeta has two awesome skills to choose from. The player can sacrifice a Saiyan and give King Vegeta extra 5000 Power and [Double Strike] whilst also drawing a card, putting serious pressure on the opponent; or the player can cheat out a 2 cost or less Saiyan from the hand and draw a card, maintaining both hand advantage and board pressure. King Vegeta is an interesting Leader that employs multiple strategies due to its wide play range.

As mentioned, King Vegeta's Dynasty is a huge card for this red/green Saiyan strategy. For 2 Energy, the card allows the player to play a 2 cost or less Saiyan from their hand, ensuring no Energy is wasted. For 1 Energy, the player also gets to draw two cards then act as a negate. When this happens, not only does it [Awaken] King Vegeta, but it can also trigger other cards, such as Raditz, Earth Invader. Raditz is a 2 cost green Battle card with 15000 Power that can be played for free when King Vegeta's Dynasty is placed in the Drop area, allowing even more pressure to come forth using as little Energy as possible. The card works incredibly well with the rest of the deck, cheating out cards and making the most of the Energy available.

Possibly the strongest card in this set is Fated Kaio-Ken Son Goku. Goku is a 4 cost red/green Battle card with [Arrival], effectively allowing the card to be played for only 2 Energy (following the deck's theme of cheating Energy costs). Goku can also pile board pressure early on in offensive decks by taking a life. If the player is at 3 life or less, Goku gains both [Dual Attack] and [Double Strike], becoming an incredible threat to the opponent as early as Turn 3 under the right circumstances. Fated Kaio-Ken Son Goku is an absolutely massive card that ends a game as quickly as it started. And when combo-ed with the rest of the deck's offensive powers, it's easy to see why the King Vegeta deck has so much potential for power.

Overall, the red/green Saiyan strategy is lining up to be a great early threat, capable of putting early pressure on opponents, all the while maintaining card advantage and making the most out of the limited Energy available in the early game.

When Do the Saiyans Retake Their Dynasty?

Starter Deck: Saiyan Legacy releases on 2 August 2019 in the U.S.A (estimated mid-August in Europe) alongside Expert Deck: Universe 6 Assailants and Booster Pack: Assault of the Saiyans. The set has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $ 11.99 (approx. 11,99 €).