Set Information

Unleash the True Might of the Saiyans with Starter Deck 9: Saiyan Legacy

This August 2019, the Dragon Ball Super Card Game will launch a brand-new starter deck, Starter Deck 9: Saiyan Legacy. Starter decks are generally created for new players, but they also feature brand-new cards for the overall metagame. In addition, these cards will especially work with the ones introduced in Booster Pack 7: Assault of the Saiyans, which will be launched on the same day. The set will also include popular cards from as far back as Booster Pack 1. Fans will definitely recognize plenty of characters, such as Goku, Vegeta, King Vegeta, and even Raditz.

The set will contain a ready-to-play 51-card deck, including five exclusive Starter Rare cards, not available anywhere else. The deck also includes popular reprints such as Saiyan Cabba & Afterimage Technique.

Check back in late July 2019 to find out more about the new Starter Deck-exclusive cards. Perfect for both old and new players alike, be ready to witness the might of the Saiyan race.