Set Information

Unleash Your Xeno Power in Saiyan Wonder!

On 5 June 2020, the Dragon Ball Super Card Game releases its 14th starter deck: Starter Deck 14 Saiyan Wonder. The deck features a new Unison card and revolves around the using the Drop area to activate its powerful skills. Much like previous starter decks, the deck contains five new cards and a host of useful reprints. The deck is great for both existing and new players as each starter deck contains a 51-card ready-to-play deck, perfect for learning the game or expanding a collection.

Vegeta and Vegeks Wreak Havoc on Your Deck

Vegeta: Xeno & Trunks: Xeno // Vegeks, the Unsung Fusion Hero is the new Leader card introduced in this starter deck. The first thing most players will notice is its hefty cost. This card forces its players to exclusively play black cards. Do not let that turn you away though, because its other skills more than make up for the downside! On its front side, the leader allows the player to send five cards from their deck to the Drop area to draw a card. It can also [Awaken] at either 4 life or by having 20 cards in the Drop area. On its [Awaken] side, the card gets even better. It has a passive ability allowing the player to return their drop to their deck if they are about to lose the game due to decking out, essentially hard countering mill strategies. Yet still, that is not all! Vegeks also allows the player to draw a card and send five cards from their deck to the grave once again - but this time, it also gives a Unison card 10000 Power and [Double Strike], essentially acting as a leader version of the classic Furthering Destruction Champa. Overall, Vegeks is a great leader with powerful abilities, but its deckbuilding restriction might keep it out of competitive play.

SS Gotenks, Fusion of Friendship is the new Unison card introduced in this starter deck. The first noticeable aspect of SS Gotenks is that it only has 5000 Power, making it vulnerable to removal. SS Gotenks has three amazing abilities that make up for it though. Firstly, if a player sends Gotenks from the deck to the Drop area while using a black Saiyan Leader card, that player can put Gotenks into play from the Drop area with a Unison counter, allowing the deck free board presence. Next, Gotenks can also gain two Unison counters by discarding a card and granting itself 10000 Power, allowing it to be a fairly strong early game threat, considering no Energy is used to play it. Finally, by removing four counters, SS Gotenks can grant itself 20000 Power and [Dual Attack]. This works very well with the leader introduced in the deck. By allowing a free early attacker that also gains [Double Strike] without using any Energy, the card is then able to act as a finisher, pairing the 4 [Counter] ability with the Leader skill acting as a 35000 [Dual Attack] [Double strike], WITHOUT costing a single Energy.

Lastly, Time Agent Trunks is a great 3 cost black Battle card that allows the player to take a life when played. You might be thinking this sounds terrible for the Energy cost, but Trunks has a familiar effect. When a player sends Trunks from the deck to the Drop area, that player can play Trunks for free. Trunks is a great card that opens the deck up to playing higher cost cards because your early defense is so cheap.

Starter Deck 14: Saiyan Wonder releases alongside two other starter decks, Clan Collusion and Spirit of Potara. Each starter deck contains a ready-made 51 card deck, including five never-before-seen cards. The manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) for each deck is 9,99 €.