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Starter Deck: Instinct Surpassed Breaks Through the DBS TCG Entry Barrier

Instinct Surpassed, the Dragon Ball Super Card Game's 11th Starter Deck, launches on 14 February 2019. This set focuses on the Universe 7 theme and utilizes both blue and red cards. It also releases alongside Universal Onslaught and Expert Deck: The Ultimate Life Form. Each Starter Deck includes a ready-to-play 51-card deck containing five never before seen cards, making it perfect for both new and existing players. Instinct Surpassed is designed to work with cards released in Universal Onslaught, which expands on the strategies introduced in the deck.

Son Goku, Hero of Universe 7 Takes His Victory Lap

Son Goku // Ultra Instinct Son Goku, Hero of Universe 7 is the brand new red Universe 7 Leader who headlines this Starter Deck with some very exciting skills. On its front side, Goku has [Critical] rather than drawing at each turn, making it a good offensive leader. The card also has [Warrior of Universe 7], allowing Universe 7 cards of any color to be played in the deck, thus opening up a range of card options. Where Goku shines in, however, is his unique [Awaken] skill, allowing him to [Awaken] at 4 life as normal or by having a Universe 7 card with 25000 Power or more in the battle area.

This is where the next card comes into play: Ultra Instinct Son Goku, Universal Impulse. This form of Goku is a 2cost red / blue Battle card sporting a reasonable 16000 Power. When played, Goku also grants himself an additional 10000 Power, reaching the 25000 threshold set by the new Leader card. This essentially allows an offensive Turn 2 [Awaken] to take advantage of the increased stats and draw from the Leader's awoken side. Goku also has the added ability to return himself back to the hand when an opposing Battle card is played, allowing multiple attacks over several turns without losing card advantage.

SSB Vegeta, Steadfast Ally is another new Battle card in the deck as a 5 cost red / blue Battle card with a solid 25000 base Power. Vegeta's skill allows him to be played for free whenever a red / blue card is removed from the battle area by a skill. This is a great defensive card, capable of blocking opposing threats early in the game. However, the card really shines when played alongside the previously mentioned Ultra Instinct Son Goku, Universal Impulse. Play SSB Vegeta when Goku returns itself to the hand in order to keep an advantageous board state of high power Battle cards.

We're in This Together! is a powerful new Extra card releasing in Instinct Surpassed. It is a 4 cost blue / red card that combos amazingly with the new skill introduced in booster pack 9, [Invoker]. For 4 Energy, We're in This Together! KO's all opposing Battle cards with 25000 Power or less. When combined with [Invoker], this is only going to cost a single dual-colored Energy, making for a massive board wipe at a very small cost. Additionally, the card also can be added back to the hand for a single red Energy, meaning only a couple of copies are ever going to be needed.

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Stephano7(07.12.2019 10:33)

Will the Leader of this deck be a Son Goku Card? Seems like a Super Saiyan God Goku Version