Set Information

Release the True Power of Shenron with Starter Deck: Shenron’s Advent

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game releases its seventh starter deck, Starter Deck: Shenron’s Advent alongside Starter Deck: Resurrected Fusion. This deck debuts Shenron and the Dragon Balls to the Dragon Ball TCG. Like Resurrected Fusion, this set is the first release of cards in the Shenron's Wishes block, launching a week before the block's first booster set, Miraculous Revival.

Players will experience brand-new Desire Cards that are only playable with a Shenron Leader. The new Wish skill is also introduced, acting as an alternative to the conventional Awaken skill on Leader cards and requiring the player to assemble all seven Dragon Balls. Fans of the Dragon Ball anime will obviously recognize the Dragon Balls and Shenron, but the deck also includes fan favorite characters, such as Goku and Vegeta.

Assemble All Seven Dragon Balls to Utilize the Brand-New Wish Skill

For the first time in Dragon Ball Super, players will be able to release the power of the Divine Dragon to grant their wishes as Shenron takes the form of the Leader card Dragon Ball // Miraculous Arrival Shenron. Our favorite Dragon God introduces new skills and plays differently from every other Leader card. On its Dragon Ball front, it cannot attack. Instead, it can switch to Rest Mode allowing the player to choose a maximum of two Dragon Ball cards from the deck or life to the player's hand. This guarantees that the player will be able to gather all seven Dragon Balls, at the latest on Turn 4, although the seven can realistically and consistently be obtainable by Turn 2-3 already.

This skill has numerous benefits compared to the conventional Leaders. Due to the Leader not attacking in order to search the deck for Dragon Balls, the player is able to use the skill on Turn 1 and even go first, increasing the player's card advantage from the get-go, whereas the usual Leaders have to wait until Turn 2 to be able to attack to generate their advantage.

Once the player has all seven Dragon Balls in their Drop Area, they are able to flip the Leader over using the Wish skill and add a Desire Card from their Drop Area back to their hand, also granting access to the abilities of Miraculous Arrival Shenron. In this form, Shenron allows the player to use one of his three skills each turn, however, the card itself cannot attack. (1) Shenron can simply let the player draw a card, the equivalent of an awoken Leader attacking; (2) he can allow the player to activate a Desire Card without paying its cost (several powerful Desire Cards will be introduced in Miraculous Revival with effects, such as drawing cards or bringing Battle Cards back from the Drop Area); finally, his  most interesting and possibly most powerful effect (3) allows the player to give any Battle Card Triple Attack and +10000 Power. Several powerful combos already exist with this effect, so this is definitely a skill to look out for.

Another card introduced in the starter deck is Dimensional Warrior Son Goku. Goku is a 4 Energy black card that uses the new Sparking skill – if the player has seven or more cards in the Drop Area, they can Warp any Battle Card the opponent controls. This effect speaks for itself, allowing the player to alleviate board pressure. Alongside this skill, the card also has Barrier and Double Strike with a respectable 20000 Power, making it a threat the opponent must deal with.

A simple yet effective card introduced in the deck is Mega Focus Son Goku, a 2 Energy red battle card with the standard 10000 Power. However, once per turn the player can send three cards from the deck to the Drop Area to grant the card an additional 5000 Power, plus gaining the ability to attack Battles Cards in Active Mode. Cards such as Jiren Fist of Justice have proven their worth in the past thanks to their ability to attack active Battle Cards. However, none have been able to do it quite as efficiently as Mega Focus Son Goku, allowing the player to threaten active cards early in the game as well as fill the Drop Area for powerful Over-Realm cards. Goku can even place cards in the Drop Area to activate the Wish skill.

Possibly the strongest and most versatile card in the entire set is Shenron, Figure of Majesty. Shenron is a very powerful card, a 4 Energy black card that can be played in almost any deck. The card gives the player access to one of multiple effects each turn, as long as the player has at least five cards in the Drop Area. First, Shenron can switch 2 Energy to Active Mode, effectively granting the player two additional Energy each turn the card remains in the battle area. Cards such as Heightened Evolution Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku, have already previously proven to be extremely effective due to their ability to switch Energy to Active Mode; Shenron is no different. Shenron's second effect allows the player to choose a Battle Card with not more than 2 Energy from the Drop Area. This can include cards such as Super Combos or even Saiyan Teamwork Cabba, which allows the player to increase their card advantage even further. Shenron's final effect is a simple yet effective one, granting any card additional 5000 Power as well as Critical, considerably pressuring the opponent especially if the target has a skill such as Dual Attack or Double Strike. No matter what effect the player intends on using, Shenron, Figure of Majesty is a massive card that all players should have on their radar. It's potentially the strongest card that the Dragon Ball Super starter deck has thus far.

When Will Shenron Make His Entrance?

Starter Deck: Shenron’s Advent launches on 2 November 2018. The set contains a ready-to-play 51-card deck that focuses on releasing the power of the Dragon Balls. It also contains a play manual and play sheet. As with its parallel set, the deck contains 5 brand-new cards unavailable anywhere else, including both a foil and non-foil version of Shenron, Figure of Majesty.  The deck also offers new cards from the Miraculous Revival booster set (yes, even before the set's release), making it perfect for new players or hardened veterans looking to bolster their collection. Each starter deck has an MSRP of $ 11.99 (est. 11,99 €).