Set Information

The Spirit of Potara Surges Through the Dragon Ball Super Card Game!

Dragon Ball Super’s 12th starter deck – Spirit of Potara – releases on 5 June 2020 alongside the 13th and 14th starter deck, Clan Collusion and Saiyan Wonder respectively. The blue based deck introduces players to brand new Unison cards, but some amazing non-Unison cards as well. Alongside the new cards are a heap of staple cards, useful for any blue deck, making the starter deck perfect for new and existing players alike. Each deck includes a 51-card deck and also contains five exclusive cards unavailable anywhere else. The new cards are also available in special foil printings, making them perfect for collectors.

Vegito Transcends Godhood in Starter Deck 12 Spirit of Potaro

Vegito // SSB Vegito, Godhood Transcended is the Leader card of the deck and directly supports the new card type, Unison cards. Vegito on its front side is your standard Leader card, able to draw on attack and [Awaken] at 4 life. However, Vegito has the added benefit of also being able to [Awaken] when a blue Battle card is placed into the Drop area by an opponent or when a blue Unison card is removed from the Battle area. Once awoken, Vegito becomes a powerhouse. It has the usual Leader card draw, but retains its awakening conditions - except it doesn’t [Awaken] when you meet them! Instead, SSB Vegito allows the player to both draw a card, untap, and gain energy. Additionally, by paying 2 blue Energy, Vegito allows the player to give one of their Unison cards both 10000 Power and [Triple Strike]!. Vegito, overall, punishes players that attack Vegito’s board while also closing out games faster by making Unison cards much stronger turn... after... turn.

Gogeta, Pursuit of Power is the Unison card for the deck. Gogeta works amazingly well with the deck's Leader card, preventing your leader from being attacked while a blue Saiyan is in play and in Rest Mode, essentially forcing the opponent to trigger the leader's effect to either [Awaken] or draw and untap. Alongside this passive effect, Gogeta also has two Unison skills. First, granting itself a counter by resting a Battle card or Leader card. Its second skill allows Gogeta to remove two counters to both draw a card and remove problem cards from the board. When combined with the leader of the deck, Gogeta is an amazing card that is going to see play for its defensive and controlling skills.

SSB Vegeta, Heroic Warrior is the last (but not least) amazing card released in this starter deck up for discussion. SSB Vegeta was designed specifically to be used with Unison cards. SSB Vegeta first gains [Critical] while the leader is a blue Saiyan, essentially making it a two-drop 15000 [Critical] body - obviously an offensive threat. However, Vegeta also has another skill which allows the player to both draw a card and add a Unison card from the Drop area to the hand when KO’d. This pairs amazingly with the previously mentioned cards, forcing opponents to attack Vegeta before the leader thanks to the Gogeta Unison card and then drawing and untapping an Energy thanks to the Vegito leader. Overall, SSB Vegeta is an amazing card for blue unison decks, acting as an offensive threat while also maintaining card advantage and pressure.