Set Information

In Starter Deck: The Crimson Saiyan Goku Makes a Return as Super Saiyan 4!

Starter Deck: The Crimson Saiyan is the fifth starter deck of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game and the final deck of the Over Realm block. The deck contains a ready-to play deck of 51 cards, ready to be upgraded by veteran players or perfect as a starting point for brand new ones. The deck is based on Goku and the special trait: Goku’s Lineage, a new archetype that is further supported in Colossal Warfare. The deck contains plenty of fan favorite characters, recognizable from all seasons of Dragon Ball, including Goku, Gohan, and Bardock. The deck also features five exclusive cards not obtainable from anywhere else as well as supporting cards from the booster set Colossal Warfare.

Use the Swap Skill to Play Stronger Cards Earlier

The Crimson Saiyan has a powerful exclusive yellow Leader. Golden Great Ape Son Goku // Long Odds SS4 Son Goku is a strong aggressive leader, gifting the player a draw whenever it attacks the opposing Leader card. When awakened, Long Odds SS4 Son Goku becomes even more aggressive, granting not only a draw when it attacks but also gaining Critical and an additional 5000 Power as long as the controlling player has less than or equal to the opponent's life. Before now, it was hard for yellow decks to keep their life lower than their opponents to trigger the effect of the new Leader. Luckily, this set includes a couple of cards to keep the player's life manageable.

Reborn Might SS4 Son Goku is a 5 Cost card capable of closing off games and self-damage to help awaken or trigger the effect of Long Odds SS4 Son Goku. By taking a life, Reborn Might SS4 Son Goku is granted the ability to attack twice. And as if that wasn’t enough, if the player has 2 or less Life, it also gains Triple Strike allowing up to 4 Damage dealt by just a single Battle card. The card also uses the new Swap skill to play even stronger cards from your hand – in particular, two new cards from Colossal Warfare: Height of Mastery Son Goku and Distant Descendant, Son Goku Jr.

SSB Son Goku, at the Apex is similar to Reborn Might SS4 Son Goku, being a 5 Cost yellow card that is able to Swap into 8 Cost Goku’s Lineage cards. However, wherein Reborn Might is a purely aggressive card, SSB Son Goku is more concerned with controlling the board. When played, if the Leader has the Goku’s Lineage special trait, then the controlling player is able to KO any opposing Battle card. Normally, this alone is already a great effect but combined with Barrier and Double Strike, allows the card to single-handedly apply pressure on opponents. Additionally, the card's Destruction skill has great synergy with the Swap skill. By returning the card to the hand to activate Swap, it enables another Destruction when the card is later played again.

So far, the starter deck has shown both control and aggressive strategies, but what about defense? Ultimate Potential SS2 Son Gohan is another exclusive card that fills this role perfectly. First, Ultimate Potential SS2 Son Gohan is a 3 Cost yellow Saiyan with Goku’s Lineage. The card also has Swap, allowing a 4 Cost Goku’s Lineage card to be played for just 2 yellow Energy. The card has a second skill that veteran players will recognize all too well. When played, SS2 Gohan allows the player to KO any Rest Mode Battle card. This card has great synergy with Swap, allowing KO to be used multiple times in one game.

Players may recognize the final exclusive card of The Crimson Saiyan because it is nearly identical to a card that has seen a lot of play in the past. Power Charge Bardock is a 3 Cost yellow Saiyan with Goku’s Lineage and 15000 Power. When the card attacks, the player gets to choose between two skills: drawing a card or gaining Double Strike. This is similar to the card Ability Unleashed Ultimate Gohan, a card that has been seen numerous times in red decks.

When Does Goku Land?

Starter Deck: The Crimson Saiyan launches alongside Colossal Warfare and Starter Deck: The Guardian of Namekians on 13 July 2018. Just like the other Dragon Ball Super starter decks, this set works well with cards from the most recent booster pack, Colossal Warfare. Each starter decks contains a 51-card deck consisting of a 50-card main deck and 1 Leader card. It also includes one play sheet and one play manual. It's suggested MSRP is $ 11.99 (est. 11,99 €).