Set Information

Introducing Dragon Ball's Fourth Starter Deck: The Guardian of Namekians

Starter Deck: The Guardian of Namekians is the fourth starter deck of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game. The deck features a ready-to-play deck of 51 cards, perfect for new players or seasoned players looking to upgrade. The starter deck revolves around the Namekian species that fans will recognize from all eras of the Dragon Ball TV series and is guaranteed to appeal to both fans and competitive players alike. Not only does the deck feature cards from the booster pack: Colossal Warfare, but it also contains five exclusive cards that support the Namekian theme.

Utilize the Bond Skill with New Exclusive Cards!

The exclusive Leader card in The Guardian of Namekians is Piccolo Jr. // Piccolo Jr., Evil Reborn, a powerful green Leader useable not just by Namekian decks, but any deck that wishes to control the opponents board. For just 1 green Energy, Piccolo Jr., Evil Reborn can KO any 5 Cost or less Battle Cards the opponent controls, while also granting itself a +5000 power boost.

In the new skills introduced in Colossal Warfare, Bond is primarily used by Namekian cards. It would therefore make sense for this new starter deck to help support this skill. The deck introduces not one, but two brand new cards with the Bond mechanic. First off, Namekian Bond Saonel is a powerful card that can fulfill multiple roles in a Namekian-based deck. If its Bond skill is triggered, it can allow the player to draw a card, take up to 2 Life, and KO an opponent's card. This allows the exclusive card to act as a means of awakening, to be a form of Battle Card removal, and to simply grant the player additional cards in hand. Previously, cards with multiple effects such as Hidden Awakening Kale were hugely popular because of their ability to fill multiple roles within a deck. Namekian Bond Saonel is no different.

The second exclusive card in this set to utilize the Bond skill is King Piccolo, Lord of Terror. Fans may recognize King Piccolo from the original TV series: Dragon Ball. Following the theme of board control, King Piccolo, Lord of Terror enters play and not only KOs an opponent's card with no additional cost, but also boasts of an impressive 25000 Power, plus Double Strike. Removal cards such as Determined Super Saiyan Son Gohan have been favored by green decks as a means of establishing board control for a total cost of 4 Energy. However, King Piccolo, Lord of Terror has the additional advantage of being playable for only 3 Energy by once again utilizing the Bond skill.

The two final exclusive cards from The Guardian of Namekians are designed to work together as well as with cards from many other sets. Indomitable Link Piccolo is a 2 Cost green card. When played, this card allows the player to add any Son Gohan: Adolescence that has a total cost of 3 or less from the deck to their hand. This includes popular cards such as Ability Unleashed Ultimate Gohan as well as the last exclusive card in the starter deck: Indomitable Link Son Gohan. This last card is bound to be popular with players, granting yet more Battle Card removals for green decks and this time for only 3 Energy. While it may seem to only have a basic skill, Indomitable Link Son Gohan has further advantages thanks to its special traits. Being a 3 Cost Saiyan allows the card to be played with the popular Unwavering Solidarity Shugesh, effectively stopping any attack from a card with 4 or less Cost during the opponent's turn. Additionally, being a Universe 7 card means that Indomitable Link Son Gohan has great synergy with cards from The Tournament of Power, such as Results of Training Son Gohan. These special traits grant the card extra purpose, as well as allowing it to be both played and searched more easily.

A Few Last Bits of Information

Starter Deck: The Guardian of Namekians launched alongside Colossal Warfare on 13 July 2018 and is available in 51-card decks. As with all Dragon Ball Super starter decks, this deck is intended to work with cards from the most recent booster pack. Starter decks contain one Leader card and a 50-card main deck, plus one play sheet and one play manual. Like previous starter decks, the suggested MSRP is $ 11.99 (est. 11,99 €).