Set Information

A Supreme Rivalry Is About to Take Place! Saiyans vs

The fourth set in the Unison Warrior series, Supreme Rivalry, puts the mighty Saiyans up against some of the biggest conquerors of the franchise: Boujack, Frieza's Army, Androids and, the long-awaited, Dark King. All these diabolical villains bring their full force to battle the Saiyans in this 292-card set, including ten special rare cards and three secret rare cards, which form a panoramic when connected. Brand new and long-awaited characters make their debut in this set to help their side toward victory. With each color having its own battle to tell from different sagas within the Dragonball series, this set is sure to relive some of the most iconic moments between our heroes and the villains.

Will our heroes be able to overcome the power of the villains? Check back in April 2021 for a more in-depth look at what this set has to offer for the Dragonball Super Card Game.