Set Information

A Supreme Rivalry Like No Other

The Dragonball Super Card Game has always tied itself to the series whenever a new set comes out. Supreme Rivalry is a set that will take fans on a trip down memory lane. Each color relives an epic saga and rivalry between Saiyans and villains. Red focuses of King Vegeta, blue on the Boujack Brigade, green on Frieza’s Army, yellow on the Future Trunks Saga, and black on the Dark Empire.  With 292 cards in the set, including 10 special rare and three secret rare cards, this set is sure to appeal to both players and collectors. Especially since the secret rare cards join to form a panorama – a first in the DBSCG.

What to Look Out For

With every set, we see new and long-awaited characters make their debuts and Supreme Rivalry delivers one of the most anticipated characters - Son Gohan from the Future Trunks Saga, with the Leader card Son Gohan//SS Son Gohan, Hope of the Resistance. This leader focuses on building a deck with Battle cards with the Blocker skill, immediately making this leader stand out from the rest as a deck with a lot of blockers that can be super defensive but can also turn to become super aggressive. With cards focused on the master and pupil bond between Gohan and Trunks, you can play one when the other is played or removed from the field.

Bardock’s Crew, last seen in Giant Force, has changed color from blue to red and comes with a new leader, Bardock//SS Bardock, the Legend Awakened. With a new leader comes a new strategy - swarm the field! The new leader allows you to play a red Saiyan from you hand when it attacks. All of the Bardock’s Crew cards come with the skill Bond, which was previously exclusively for green Namekians and Hit, Pride of Universe 6. This means they each gain a different effect providing you have other Bardock’s Crew or Saiyan cards on the field. With the ability to swarm the field and apply a lot of early game pressure, this deck is sure to make an appearance in the new best-of-one format.

Following from her secret rare card in the previous set, Supreme Kai of Time also gets her first leader card, Supreme Kai of Time// Supreme Kai of Time, the Chronokeeper, a powerful leader utilising cards with the Over Realm mechanic. Over Realm has been in the game since set 3 and has had a good amount of support but Supreme Kai of Time bring a new dynamic effect to the Over Realm mechanic. Super Kai or Time has a skill on her Leader back that allows you put two black Battle cards from your Warp into your Drop AreaThis skill applies only once per turn, but it is the reason this leader stands out, as it is the first time cards with Over Realm can be kept on the field, of course, exluding cards with Dark Over Realm. This opens a lot of different plays as there are multiple cards with Over Realm as well as powerful effects like Fu, the Dark Banisher.

A Dark Wish for Mechikabura

Three sets on from when he first made his first appearance, Mechikabura gets his first Leader card and brings back a mechanic that was introduced in set 5, Wish, the only skill to flip a leader from front to back, other than Awaken. Normally, when activating Wish, you get to add a card with ((Desire)) to your hand from your Drop Area, but Mechikabura allows you to draw one card in exchange for switching an Energy to active mode. You also need Dragon Balls in the Drop Area to activate Wish, but Mechikabura uses Dark Dragon Balls, which you can have up to seven copies in your deck.

It would be good to see how Mechikabura will fit in the meta as the Wish mechanic was too powerful at the time which resulted in some cards being banned or receiving erratas, which ultimately caused Wish decks to fall off the face of the meta, but it’s nice to see the revival of Wish and hopefully we can see some more support in future sets.