Set Information

The Most Popular DBS Cards Reimagined with Brand-New Artwork

In June 2019, the Dragon Ball Super Card Game releases the Vault Power Up Pack, a Reprint Pack only available through the Special Anniversary Box with each box containing 4 of the packs. Each pack contains four cards from a possible 16 – with one card in each pack as a foil. All cards included in the pack are reprints of the most popular cards of the game, but with brand-new amazing artwork.

Remember Format Favorites in the Vault Power Up Pack

The first card included in this set is the ever-popular Saiyan Cabba. Cabba has been seeing play ever since his introduction back in Galactic Battle (2017). Acting as a form of self-[Awaken] and as an early form of aggression, Saiyan Cabba is playable in any deck that can splash red Energy and needs access to early damage. Not only is this a great reprint for new players, but being such an old card, it is also the card's first time available in foil, which many existing players will be excited to pick up to bling out their decks.

Another card included in this special pack is without a doubt the most popular card in the whole metagame and is single-handedly a reason to pick up this product. Senzu Bean makes a triumphant return with a fantastic new artwork featuring Son Goku and Korin. Senzu Bean has always been a mandatory card for blue decks, therefore it has maintained a solid price for an Uncommon. It’s highly unlikely that this card stops seeing play any time soon, if at all.

Possibly one of the most beautiful artworks included in the set is that of the newly redesigned Flying Nimbus. Not only is the card amazing to look at with a now grown Son Goku and young Son Gohan aboard the magic cloud, but it is also amazingly strong! In past formats, Flying Nimbus was a staple for yellow decks, able to punish over-extending players for only a single Energy. It’s quite possible that Flying Nimbus will reach staple status again, as it is powerful against both slow and fast-paced decks. Its foil version is also definitely worth having in your collection.

You Can Finally Easily Get a One-Star Dragon Ball

There are several popular black cards included in the pack. One of them is One-Star Ball, which has been seen in a variety of Shenron decks, most notably in hand control variants. Previously available only a as a promotional card, One-Star Ball was difficult for players to obtain. Easier access to the card is sure to boost its popularity. Additionally, with the recent banning of Bardock the Progenitor, hand control decks have lost their biggest weakness against aggro decks, so it’s likely that many players, both new and old, will be looking to One-Star Ball to help dominate Shenron hand control variants.