Set Information

The Best Cards from Past Formats with Brand-New Artwork

With the release of the brand-new Special Anniversary Box launching in June 2019, the Dragon Ball Super Card Game will also be launching a brand-new Reprint Pack: Vault Power Up Pack.

Vault Power Up Packs will only be available inside Special Anniversary Boxes with each box including four packs. Each Vault Power Up Pack will include four cards (one foil and three non-foil) from a lineup of the most popular cards from the Dragon Ball Super Card Game's history.  Fan favorite cards such as Senzu Bean, Flying Nimbus & Saiyan Cabba will be included – all with amazing new artworks. There will be four reprints for each color, so no matter the deck used, the Vault Power Up Pack has got players covered.

Check back in June 2019 to find out more about the cards included in this amazing reprint set!