Set Information

Vermilion Bloodline: Super Saiyan 4 Galore

The Unison Warrior Series erupts with overflowing power! Master the power of Overlord and Servant! Reignite the power of [Union-Fusion]! And for the first time, witness the power of Super Saiyan 4 from the Xenoverse timeline! Vermilion Bloodline, releasing on 9 October 2020, introduces Dragon Brawlers to a whole host of powerful Saiyans reaching new heights. Bardock, Gohan, Vegeta, and Goku : Xeno achieve the might of Super Saiyan 4 and are sure to strike fear into the hearts of the Dark Empire!

Players get an edge too, now with the opportunity to boost the decks they started with in Rise of the Unison Warrior with more support for the Shadow Dragons. This new set also introduces Eis Shenron and Naturon Shenron, bringing the powers of 3- and 7-star Negative Energy Dragon Balls with them.

Obey the Commands of the Overlord

Vermilion Bloodline introduces two new powerful keyword skills to the world of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game – Overlord and Servant. These are meant to portray villainess masterminds like Paragus, Babidi, Garlic Jr. as the titular and ruthless Overlords commanding servants like Broly, Vegeta, and the Demonically Transformed Z Fighters.

Servant cards cannot be switched to Active Mode during the charge phase. But to make up for this, they come with additional 10000 Power, making even the smallest of Servants a threat. Servants can also be changed to Active Mode in other ways, which can be seen with Prince of Destruction Vegeta, Life and Death a 3 Energy Servant card (two of which must be green) with [Double Strike] Once per turn, when your opponent activates a [Counter] skill, Vegeta can switch to Active Mode. This is for ANY type of Counter skill, be it [Counter: Attack] or [Counter: Play], definitely making this a card to look out for.

Overlord cards allow its players to place Servant cards on the bottom of the deck to draw one card. In the case of Garlic Jr., Overlord of the Dead Zone, this Super Rare Overlord allows you to utilize his skill further with [Activate: Main] which, providing your Leader card is from a Demon Clan, allows you to look at the bottom of your deck for a Demon Clan card that costs 2 Enery or less and play it. Paired with the new Super Combos that require you to place a card in your hand on the bottom of the deck and draw two cards, Garlic Jr. is looking to be quite the threat.

Swap ‘Til You Drop

The [Swap] skill strikes back after last being seen in Clash of Fates and the next warrior to obtain this powerful keyword is Broly : Br, marking his transition the red side. With Broly, Saiyan Youth, players can already play the red Leader card Broly : Br for just 1 energy. Furthermore. players can [Swap] into a mono red Broly : Br with 3 Energy. When Broly, Bonafide Saiyan is played, he allows you to play a 1 Energy Paragus from your hand. As you proceed up the [Swap] chain, you will be forcing opponents to [Warp] cards from their hand - for them to return at the end of their next turn. This is particularly scary, since a red Broly : Br usually revolves around inflicting [Critical] damage.

The Unison Warriors are transcending their limits and players can get their hands on Vermilion Bloodline starting on 9 October 2020. Make sure to pick up some boosters and let us know what your favorite cards are and what you want to see in future expansions!