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Dragonball Super TCG Is Getting a Hardcore Rejuvenation

With the arrival of Unison Warrior Series 3, Vicious Rejuvenation, the Dragon Ball Super Card Game crosses into uncharted territories. Life was the lifeblood of the trading card game and now it has been flipped (literally) on its head with cards that you can play by paying lifepoints and the newest keyword, Rejuvenate, which allows players to regain life. Furthermore, we see our first Leader card starting with only six Life and the first 5.000 Power into 15.000 Power on the Awakened side. Lastly, we cannot forget Launch. Launch is the first Leader without an Awaken side or Wish and it fits right in with her counterpart from the source material.

Heroes of Our Time

That is not all that Vicious Rejuvenation has to offer. It also introduces fans to the western debut of Shroom & Salsa, powerful Demon Gods subservient to the ominous force that is Mechikabura. Time will tell if the fusion elite of Gogeta Xeno and Gohanks can fight it off.

That's not all though as the expansion also introduces two of the most requested characters in the DBS card game: Turles and his Tree of Might are putting in work for green and the Other World warrior Paikuhan is rocking out in blue to face off against Janemba. Whis makes his debut as well, finally no longer content to just sit on the sidelines.

Shadow Dragon Empire and the Ultimate Force of Nature

Vicious Rejuvenation completes the circle and finishes up the remainder of the missing Shadow Dragons, those being Nuova the Four-Star, Rage the Five-Star, and Oceanus the Six-Star Dragon. The deck rounds it off with Omega, who is here in all his devilish glory. With the ability to come out for one Energy and gain the power of any other dragon, he is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Unison Warrior 3, Vicious Rejuvenation, also introduces players to the Ultimate Deck, a preconstructed set of cards that all have silver foiling and are made up of new cards in addition to some game-changing reprints. Towa has assembled all the Dark Dragon Balls and is unleashing Dark Shenron to wreak havoc upon unsuspecting players! Other reprints include Toppo, Righteous Aid, Protector of the People, and Frieza, Imperial Inspiration. These are three powerful draft cards reprinted in just one stellar product.

Vicious Rejuvenation is available beginning 22 January 2021. Be sure to check out all the offers on Cardmarket and enjoy this new breath of life in the Dragon Ball Super Card Game.