Set Information

Fight to Become a Champion with Themed Booster 2: Worlds Martial Arts Tournament

The Dragon Ball Super TCG launches its second themed booster and the final booster pack of the Over Realm block with Themed Booster 2: Worlds Martial Arts Tournament. The booster set contains 125 total cards, including eight super rares, eight special rares and a single secret rare. The set introduces a brand-new game mechanic featuring Link Cards. Each Link card has another card it is matched with. Together, the two cards have correlating artworks as well as powerful skills that only work when the paired card is in play.

Fans of the original Dragon Ball series and the Dragon Ball Z series will recognize numerous characters and artworks from the Worlds Martial Arts Tournament featured in the anime, including fan favorites such as Goku, Vegeta and even Hercule, and Master Roshi in disguise as Jackie Chun. As always, the booster pack introduces new themes to base decks around, as well as cards to support existing decks.

Utilize Link Cards to Create Powerful Combos!

What better way to introduce the Worlds Martial Arts Tournament than with the Announcer! Announcer, Play-By-Play Pro is a powerful multipurpose card for the new World Tournament theme introduced in this expansion. The card is black, allowing it to be utilized by any of the World Tournament decks. It acts similarly to Master Roshi, Forged of Will, allowing the player to negate an attack and play the card for just 1 Energy. Master Roshi has been hugely popular thanks to its ability to block two potential attacks by combo-ing it away after negating an attack and Announcer, Play-By-Play Pro is bound to be no different. The Announcer also has another trick up his sleeve. When played during your own turn, the Announcer allows you to draw two cards if you have two or more World Tournament cards in your battle area. This card not only matches the ability of Master Roshi, Forged of Will but it also puts a spin on the popular Energy Boosted Buu. Without a doubt, any deck that plans to use the new World Tournament cards is going to utilize Announcer, Play-By-Play Pro.

One interesting card in this new set is Dark Duo Dabura. Dark Duo Dabura is a Link Card, gaining Barrier when Dark Duo Babidi is in the battle area, helping Dabura stay alive for his other skill. When played, Dabura can Warp two cards from the opponent's hand for as long as he remains on the field. The card is easily comparable to another popular card, Foreseeing Hit – both offering 20000 Power for a cost of 4 Energy. However, while Hit can only Warp the opponent's cards once per turn, Dabura can theoretically Warp cards the entire game, if he stays alive. Dark Duo Dabura is likely to see play in midrange red decks, perhaps alongside Foreseeing Hit for maximum hand disruption. Either way, the card is certainly one to look out for.

Perhaps the card with the most potential for blue decks in the set is Awakening Talent Pan. A large portion of deckbuilding in Dragon Ball Super is ensuring that a deck has a consistent way of dealing damage to itself, so the player can Awaken and avoid from being drained of resources. In the past, blue decks have struggled with finding consistent ways to deal with this problem, often relying on cards such as Results of Training or At All Costs Vegeta. However, both cards are not playable until the player has at least 4 or 5 Energy. Now, blue decks will have the means to self-Awaken from Turn 1. Awakening Talent Pan is the blue equivalent of Saiyan Cabba. Both allow the player to take a Life and give itself a +10000 power boost when attacking, as well as only costing a single blue Energy to play. However, Pan swaps out the Double Strike portion of Cabba's effect and replaces it with an incredible skill: At the end of the turn wherein Pan is played, she returns to the owner's hand, allowing the player to utilize her effect turn after turn without fear of the opponent attacking and easily KO-ing her, unlike the many Cabbas before her. Pan is an incredible card, likely to see play in decks such as SS3 where the player will be able to Awaken from Turn 1 under the correct circumstances.

Jackie Chun // Jackie Chun, the Mysterious Fighter is a Leader card with a very interesting ability. On its front, the card has the very common skill of drawing a card when it attacks a Leader and untapping 2 Energy on Awaken. However, once awakened, Jackie Chun boasts of a very interesting skill. When Jackie Chun, the Mysterious Fighter attacks, he draws a card as normal, but he also gains additional 5000 Power, making it a threat to 20000 Battle Cards such as Apes, Foreseeing Hit, and even cards like Pride and Justice Toppo. However, Jackie Chun's skill doesn't stop there. When he attacks a Battle Card, he also prevents the opponent from combo-ing, practically guaranteeing a KO on hard-to-remove threats. This is particularly effective against cards with Barrier that cannot simply be KO-ed with card skills. Tapped apes, in particular, such as Bardock, Will of Iron make great targets for Jackie Chun's attacks, allowing the player to slowly drain the opponent of resources as board pressure increases with each turn.

When Does the Tournament Begin?

Themed Booster 2: World Martial Arts Tournament launches on 21 September 2018. As mentioned earlier, the pack contains 125 new cards. Commons and uncommons will be available in both foil and non-foil. Each pack contains 12 cards that include eight common cards, three uncommons, and one rare or higher card. As with previous DBS TCG sets, the suggested retail price (MSRP) for World Martial Arts Tournament is $ 3.99 (est. 3,99 €).