Set Information

The 16th booster set of the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game, Emissaries of Light, is set to release on 25. March 2022.

The set features 130 new cards and 166 premium cards (including 24 Full Art cards). The premium version of the Starter cards from the Final Fantasy X Custom Starter Set can only be obtained through this set.

Don't miss out on the three Legacy cards: [1-141L] Lightning, [3-144L] Lenna, and [9-022L] Vayne. A well-chosen lineup, as Emissaries of Light is setting a strong focus on protagonists of all the various Final Fantasy titles.

The newly added Crystal mechanic from the previous set, Crystal Dominion, will be once again included and further expanded upon, creating new possibilities in gameplay and deck building! Check out this page more information in early March.