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The Latest FFTCG Set Has an Actual Title - And Powerful Fire Cards!

The next Opus set is here… and it has a title! No longer will Final Fantasy TCG sets just be "Opus (Roman Numeral)"! For their first title, they have chosen "Lords & Chaos" – but you shouldn't read too far into it. It's the same old story, a mish mash of various Final Fantasy characters from various Final Fantasy titles.

One notable aspect of this expansion, however, is several reasonably pushed Fire cards in an attempt to improve the somewhat underserved archetype. Opus IX: Lords & Chaos releases on 19 July 2019 and its prerelease was headlined by Vincent Valentine from everyone's favorite, Final Fantasy VII.

Vincent Valentine, Gunslinger, and a Prerelease Card

Vincent Valentine is the prerelease card for Opus IX – along with some lovely Chocobo sleeves – so be sure to pick those up! As a 3 CP Earth Forward with 7000 Power, when Vincent enters the field, you can put a Backup you control in the Break Zone. If you do, you can deal 8000 damage to one dull Forward. Additionally, he has a special ability which can break any 3 CP or higher Backup. He doesn't seem exceptionally powerful, but he could be great in a deck that wants to send its Backups to the grave as his removal effect can be quite powerful.

Fire Is Heating Up in Opus IX: Lords & Chaos

One of the big winners from this new expansion appears to be the Fire Element.

The new Belias is a scary combat trick that can draw a card on EX burst as well as synergize with other self-damaging Fire cards. Ifrita is another removal Summon, but one who has a modal effect. She can either deal 7000 damage to one Forward, break a 3 CP or less Monster, or deal 3000 damage to all the Forwards an opponent control. All these are already great for a 3 CP Summon, but there's more! If you're playing a Summon-based deck with five or more Ifrita and Ifrit cards in your Break Zone, then you get all three effects, making her one of the most powerful removal spells in the game!

Of course, there are many more impressive cards in Opus IX than we can discuss here, so be sure to check them out and secure what you'll need for the next meta!