Set Information

Opus V Arrives And Brings a Veritable Storm of Final Fantasy Characters with it

The latest FFTCG expansion hit shelves on March 23rd, 2018 and includes 148 new collectible cards. The rarity breakdown consists of 60 commons, 42 Rares, 32 Heros, and 14 Legends. Each pack contains 12 cards and has an expected manufacturer standard retail price of 3.99€. There will, in addition to normal packs, be a special Opus V pre-release kit on offer as well, which will have six Opus V booster packs, an exclusive pack of sleeves, and one exclusive foil promo Lightning card. These kits cost between 25 and 30 € and are a great value for those who wish to crack some packs of the latest set. And there are some good reasons to crack some packs in this set, so let's dive into what make the latest FFTCG Opus special.

Serah May Not Be a Fan-Favorite Character, But She's Sure to Be A Favorite Here

Serah, everyone's favorite (or least favorite) little sister in the Final Fantasy universe gets some love in the form of a powerful new Ice forward in Opus V. She costs 5 and has 7.000 power, but this isn't what makes her interesting. She is interesting because of her EX Burst ability, which allows players to search their library for one Job Moogle and then to put that Moogle into your hand. In addition, when Serah attacks, she activates all Job Moogles you have. Lastly, you can discard a Job Moogle from your hand to dull one opposing forward. So, basically, she's a tutor that dulls opposing creatures and can simultaneously activate all Moogles you control on attack. While she may require some specific deck-building around Job Moogles, she is one of the most efficient dulling forwards on offer and has efficient stats for her cost. In addition, a guaranteed tutor on entry is nothing to sneeze at, as anyone who has played against Opus III Steiner knows. Whether the supporting Moogles are good enough to make her worth running remains to be seen, but don't sleep on at least trying this absolutely incredibly starter.

Legendary Cards to Spruce Up Your Collection

Serah is just a starter though. What about the Legends. Well the set doesn't disappoint with Eald'narche, an interesting 6 energy 10.000 power forward. It's difficult to get rid of, as when it's removed from the field, it returns to your hand instead. Additionally, it gives you the power to take one extra turn, though the cost of this is extreme. At the end of your extra turn, you lose the game. Clearly, they thought this ability was powerful if you can lose the game for activating it. As with all extra-turn cards in any TCG, this has the potential to be insanely powerful if you can consistently end the game on the extra turn. It's hard to know whether Eald will see excessive play or not, but if you can consistently end the game in that extra turn, you can bet people will play this unkillable monster with amazing stats.

Other notable legends include a return from The Emperor, Cecil, and Diabolos, which each have powerful, splashy effects worth exploring in brand new decks. Whatever your preference, Opus V is sure to shake up the metagame like all major expansions before it. Check it out and experiment with this new bevy of fan-favorite Final Fantasy characters.