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The Dragon King Bahamut Will Blast Anything Away in Opus VI

Truly Final Fantasy's most iconic Dragon, Bahamut has been a prominent summon in nearly every Final Fantasy game going all the way back to the very first Final Fantasy. He is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic characters in the extended Final Fantasy universe. So it makes sense, given his penchant for blowing things up with Mega Flares, that his summon cards in the Final Fantasy trading card game would revolve around dealing tons of damage to opposing Forwards.

Bahamut Opus VI

Well, we're happy to say that his newest incarnation does not disappoint. Opus VI's Bahamut, an EX Burst Summon card, will break literally any Forward that hasn't had its stats significantly boosted with a whopping 10000 damage for a mere 4 CP. This massive damage EX Burst Summon comes at a cost however, dealing one point of damage to its user, while also negating any EX Burst effects that might come from that point of damage.

Either way, this Summon offers the best bang for your buck, at least in terms of raw damage. Whether that damage is worth the cost and worth the inclusion of a 1 for 1 Summon with no additional upside is up to you, the players. But cards like Kam'lanaut will need to keep its eyes on the sky for Opus VI's Bahamut. The 9000 stat line is no longer safe from cheap fire summons.

Opus VI Has Arrived and Here's the Best of the Rest

Opus VI was released on 13 July 2018, marking the sixth major installment of the FFTCG. The expansion contains 130 cards, broken down into 54 commons, 36 rares, 26 heroes, and 14 legends. The set contains many fantastic cards, including our spoiler, Bahamut, but there are more standouts.

For fire, we have Type-0s Vermilion Bird L'Cie Caetuna, a fire backup that converts self-damage from Fire Summons into extra damage. Additionally, when it enters the field, you can search for 1 Fire Summon of 4 CP or less and cast it without paying the cost. The power of a tutor that casts a card for free, while also creating synergy with your Forwards, is spectacular. A 4 CP Summon turns this into a 2 CP backup that tutors a Summon from your deck, which is insane. Expect this in all fire decks that run Summons.

Ice gets Rinoa, a 4 CP FFVIII Forward that can effectively replay any Forward other than herself – a powerful effect in any trading card game.

Wind gets Zidane, as envisioned in Dissidia. He can't be chosen by your opponent as a target, he discards cards from your opponents' hand, and he can activate your wind characters whenever your opponent discards a card. Talk about synergy!

There are, of course, several other insanely powerful cards in Opus VI, but we can't discuss them all here, so be sure to check them out and crack those packs for value picks (especially Rinoa because she'll be scooped up really quick).