Set Information

Opus VII Features Some Sweet New Modal Spells for the TCG

Releasing on 2 November 2018, Opus VII features illustrators from Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy Legends, and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. It also includes a plethora of powerful new cards and exciting new synergies. From a new legendary Bartz card to a host of new modal spells that look quite powerful, Opus VII is shaping up to significantly affect the status quo of the last few expansions. Booster packs have a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of 3,99 € and the set is available in packs and booster boxes, along with the normal bunch of introductory decks that release with each Opus set.

Modal Spells Are Always Welcome

One key feature of a subset of cards in this set is their modal nature. Galdes, a 3 CP Forward with a healthy 8000 Power, offers three options when it dies: (1) He makes your opponent randomly discard a card in their hand; (2) He can return a monster from the Break Zone to your hand (including Galdes if you want to reuse him); (3) He can reduce the power of a Forward by 5000 until the end of the turn. These options are individually powerful, and all are useful at various points in the game. The question is how easy it will be to break your cards when you want these effects.

Argy, a 2 CP Lightning Backup, also gives you options when she moves to the Break Zone. She can give a Forward Haste, activate a Forward, or put one Backup from your Break Zone onto the field. Given that there is already a deck based on recycling Backups, Argy will definitely find homes in decks across the metagame. But modal cards aren't all you're getting here, there are some cool legend cards too!

A New Bartz and More

Bartz is prominently featured on the front of Opus VII booster packs, so he is clearly getting a legend card in this set. Well, Bartz here is a Warrior of Light for 3 CP Forward with 7000 Power, making him ideal for WoL decks. When he enters, he actives up to two Category V characters. He also comes with three S abilities, which synergize with each other and disrupt your opponent's board.

More interesting than him is Chelinka,  a 3 CP Wind Forward that gives Category FFCC characters extra oomph. Whenever a Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles character does damage to a Forward, that damage is increased by 1000. For Chelinka herself, this means 2000 instead of 1000 damage to all Forwards when she enters the field. The pool of Category FFCC characters might be too small to use this now, but it's a very synergistic card that people will want to try and build around.

These are just a few examples of interesting cards in a set full of choices, so get out there and update your FFTCG decks with Opus VII.