Set Information

Opus VIII Is Here Full of Your Favorites

Opus VIII marks the eighth set in the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. It releases on 22 March 2019 and is the latest in FFTCG's ongoing quest to hit the number 16 before the video games do. It is, as usual, full of your favorite characters from all corners of the Final Fantasy universe. The starter decks for Opus VIII will center on FFVII and FFXIV, so fans of those games have a good entry point with this latest set.

An Earth Cloud and Earth Tifa Join the Fray

Cloud has always been Fire or Dark and Tifa has exclusively had Fire representatives. But this time around, Square Enix has decided that Earth also deserves access to the Final Fantasy VII duo. Cloud has 7000 power for only 3 CP and break an opposing Forward, but only if you control four or more Category VII Forwards. He can also grant +1000 power to any blocking Category VII Forward, making him quite potent if you can flood the board, yet very cheap for such powerful effects. Tifa plays off Cloud, offering an 8000 power Brave Forward for only 2 CP if you control a Cloud Forward. These two have the potential to make a very powerful interactive aggro deck. Finally, let's not forget that Tifa also has her Final Heaven ability, which can deal 10000 damage to a single dull Forward.

Eiko Joins the Fray Offering a Core Card to the Summon Archetype

Eiko, a new Water Forward that costs a whopping 5 CP, offers a unique ability that could form the core of her own deck. When she enters the field, you may search up a Summon and add it to your hand. Additionally, when she is put into the Break Zone, you get to draw a card. This is incredibly powerful, offering card advantage right off the bat and, more importantly, allowing you to search up any answer from your deck. Five-cost cards need to be really powerful to be worth playing, but Eiko seems to fit the bill.

Along with Eiko, you get a few new Summons, like the new Fire Summon Bahamut, which can only be played by paying CP produced specifically by Backups. However, it deals 10000 damage to any Forward for 4 CP. Raiden, a new Lightning Summon, can also only be paid for with 4 CP from Backups. However, instead of simply dealing damage to a Forward, Raiden breaks it. Perhaps these cards will prove to be good enough to join Eiko in a Summon deck as cheap answers to opposing Forwards. Either way, it will be interesting to see if a heavily interactive Summon deck becomes prominent because of the new FFIX Summoner.