Set Information

Opus X: Ancient Champions Brings New Contenders and Mechanics to the FFTCG

Opus X: Ancient Champions releases on 8 November 2019 and brings with it a slew of classic Final Fantasy faces with new powerful effects. It also notably added a new “Damage” mechanics to the FFTCG lexicon, which makes deciding when to pursue damage more difficult for FFTCG players. The set contains 130 standard cards and a whopping 162 premium cards – a noticeable increase from Opus IX. As for the cards themselves, well there are a handful of new interesting legends just dripping with huge text boxes that should shake up the metagame significantly.

Squall Cares About Damage and So Should You

Squall (10-033) was the first card spoiled for Opus X and for good reason! Squall is a 3 CP 7000 Power "SeeD Candidate" Forward. He has three abilities that trigger on various conditions. Normally, when entering the battlefield, Squall Dulls one Character. If his player has 2 or more damage however, Squall, in addition, both Dulls and Freezes a Character. And even bigger, if his player has 5 or more damage, Squall additionally deals 8000 damage to one Dull Forward – like the one you just Dulled – likely killing it. This new Squall card is absurdly powerful, giving you an insane amount of board control with just one cheap card, while still being playable early and onwards.

The Best of the Rest

Squall Leonhart may be a remarkably interesting box-topper, but he's certainly not the only card worth looking at! Ashe (10-106) is another Legend card that has quite a lot of text on it: She is a 4 CP Forward with 8000 Power; at the beginning of each attack phase, her player selects two of four actions. They can draw and discard a card; give +1000 Power to all Water Forwards until the end of turn; activate one Character; or deny one Forward with 4 CP or less access to its abilities until end of turn. This is for each attack phase, so if not dealt with, Ashe will snowball quite quickly, giving you a card selection advantage and a plethora of other powerful options to choose from. This ability is active regardless of whether Ashe attacks or not as well, meaning you gain access to her abilities as soon as she enters the field. Keep an eye out for this new Ashelia B’nargin Dalmasca card.

In the higher cost spectrum, we have Refia (10-128), a 5 CP Warrior of Light Forward with 8000 Power. While not a great rate for 5 CP, Refia can tutor a card when she enters the field and gets to remove an opposing Forward every time she attacks, making her inevitability factor quite high!

Whatever your preference, Opus X: Ancient Champions promises to shake up the metagame after the recent ban, so be sure to check the latest Final Fantasy TCG set out!