Set Information

The Ancient Champions Reveal Themselves in Opus X

On 8 November 2019, Opus X: Ancient Champions will hit the shelves for Final Fantasy TCG players. As always, it will consist of a wide variety of fan-favorite characters, reimagined from their various appearances across the wide Final Fantasy franchise. From a full-art Onion Knight to a goofy looking Kefka, this set will cover a lot of Final Fantasy titles.

One particularly interesting card to watch for is the full-art Cloud of Darkness, which allows you to remove the top card of your deck at the end of each of your turns. It gains 1000 Power for each removed card, so it can quickly get out of hand, costing only 3 CP and having 7000 Power. But that's not all, Cloud of Darkness will also allow you to add one removed card to your hand when it leaves the field.

Be sure to check back in October 2019 for the full breakdown, where we'll discuss the other spectacular cards available in this set!