Set Information

Opus XI: Soldier’s Return Releases a Lot of Exclusive and Stunning Artwork

Releasing on 27 March 2020, Opus XI: Soldier's Return continues with breathtaking artwork from Ryoma Ito (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance), Yasuhisa Izumisawa (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - My Life as a Dark Lord), Akira Oguro (Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection), Kumiko Koike (Exclusive Artwork) and Toshitaka Matsuda (Final Fantasy I / Final Fantasy VI). 20 cards are even in full art, making sure you can enjoy these masterpieces in their full glory.

The 130 new cards also feature Final Fantasy Legends II and finally Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive for the first time. Of course, other series, especially Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy IX, and - not surprising with the upcoming remake - Final Fantasy VII are getting a lot of new support.

New Game Mechanics and Keywords for Final Fantasy 2020

The newly released keyword "Damage" from Opus X: Ancient Champions sees more play with Opus XI. Aranea (11-086) brings one Lightning Forward with 2 CP or less from your Break Zone onto the field after Damage 3. After Damage 6, she may even be able to turn the table, giving Haste to all of the Forwards you control! She is another strong Dragoon and one of the most anticipated characters for the Final Fantasy TCG.

"Counter" is the new keyword that released in this set. Compared to "Damage" you do not have to rely on receiving damage points to trigger effects. Counters increase by meeting certain conditions or over time. Take Orphan (11-025) for example. He pushes a Doom Counter on up to two Forwards or Monsters controlled by your opponent when he enters the field and at the beginning of the attack phase. Once three Doom Counter are reached, the opponent‘s Characters are broken.

This is a great reference to Final Fantasy XIII – placing Doom on party members during the boss fight. Thanks to this new mechanic, you can utilise and use these effects whenever you want – but only if the conditions are met – thus, opening up the field to a wide variety of new strategies and ideas.

Aside from the aforementioned, Mira (11-122) has the ability to turn an FFCC Backup into a Forward: “(Dull): Choose 1 Category FFCC Character other than Forward you control. Activate it. Until the end of the turn, it also becomes a Forward with 8000 power.” While cards like Relm (4-144) from Opus IV already had the ability to turn any Monster into a Forward, Mira introduces the ability of Backups becoming Forwards as well. This provides a lot of new possibilities in deckbuilding and winning strategies.


Those are just a few cards and interesting mechanics, showing some of the new possibilities from Opus XI onwards. There is a lot more to this set, making it not only looking promising in Standard or Limited formats like Draft and Sealed, but also the new L3 Constructed format.

Last but not least, this set continues Square Enix’s focus on Final Fantasy VII. Aside from Tifa (11-071) prominently featured on Booster Boxes, expect full-art versions of Cloud (11-136), Barret (11-131), Red XIII (132), Vincent (11-135), Aerith (11-139), and of course, Sephiroth (11-138).

Each booster pack has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of 3,99 €. A booster box contains 36 booster packs and an Buy-a-Box Aranea Promo.