Set Information

Opus XII: Crystal Awakening Awakens More Legends

Opus XII: Crystal Awakening promises to deliver more highlights in this upcoming set. Remember how hard it was to come by Legends, such as the ones included in the double Starter Decks? Well, Opux XII will be providing us with just that – in full art foils too! Expect reprints of Shantotto, Locke, Minwu, and many more. This set will have 22 full-art cards waiting to be collected, plus a total of 128 brand-new cards for players to explore!

A gorgeous exclusive artwork of Ashe by Isamu Kamikokuryo serves as this set’s box art to contain support cards Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI, and World of Final Fantasy. But recurring series aside, Opus XII will have a new addition to FFTCG: Final Fantasy Explorers! Furthermore, the set will bring players a new mechanic: Forwards that have more than one element!

For stronger cards that possess mighty abilities for deckbuilding and full-art foils for pimping up your collection, be ready for the release of Opus XII: Crystal Awakening.