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Opus XIII: Crystal Radiance Shines Bright Over FFTCG

Opus XIII: Crystal Radiance hits store shelves on 26 March 2021. Like the previous set, Opus XII: Crystal Awakening, Opus XIII focuses strongly on the recently introduced multi-element cards. Being the 13th set of the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game, it also centers on Final Fantasy XIII, including new cards from the long-awaited Lightning Returns!

Akstar and Vanille Offer New Mechanics

For the first time ever, players can interact with a card that has already been placed in your Damage Zone, thanks to a 4 CP Fire Foward named [13-002L] Akstar. EX Bursts have always been a special way to turn a received damage point into an advantage or even change the game for you. With the total number of cards increasing in each Opus, the total amount of EX Bursts grows larger and their effects are becoming even stronger. Akstar's ability to trigger an EX Burst a second time strategically makes it quite potent and opens new options for creative deckbuilding.

[13-056R] Vanille is a 2 CP Earth Forward who cannot attack nor block. But you shouldn't let this drawback hold you back, as it comes with a powerful effect. For two Soulsong Counters, which Vannile accrues at the end of each turn, you can choose one Forward in your Break Zone and add it to your hand. For four, you can play a Forward from your Break Zone onto the field. Vanille has no limit to the cost of the Forward you bring back, so your imagination can run wild. On top of that, you can use her ability any time, allowing you to play Forwards on your opponent's turn.

Aggressive Decks Get a Boost in Opus XIII

A lot of players from other TCGs are impressed by the fast-paced gameplay of the FFTCG and the various options available to aggressive strategies. [13-114H] Kunshira is a perfect example of this. It's a two CP Multi-Element Wind / Lightning Forward with a whopping 9.000 Power and Haste, well above the power curve. Its drawback only applies when a player controls four or more Backups, at which point Kunshira loses 3.000 Power.

Most aggressive decks feel right at home with three Backups or less, so Kunshira slots in without much restriction, other than its multi-element typing. To prevent overpaying for the card, you ideally need a Lightning and Wind Backup in play, so it's difficult to drop it on turn one.

On top of that, the card comes with a powerful Special Ability. This ability, Tempest Spellblade, requires another Kunshira card, one Lightning CP and one Wind CP. It reduces the power of other Forwards by 4.000 and gives Kunshira First Strike and the ability to attack a second time.

Kunshira can now not only attack twice, but also reduce the efficacy of the opposing field, giving your other Forwards the ideal opportunity to strike. On top of that, both Lightning and Wind feature a lot of aggressive cards and possible decks, making it easy to put your opponent under a lot of pressure.

Cards from a New Title: Lightning Returns

Final Fantasy XIII has a long history in the FFTCG and finally, with the 13th set, Lightning Returns, makes its entry into the FFTCG.

Two new Lightning cards are released in this set, alongside a lot of other iconic characters from the game. Category XIII players get another treat in form of [13-085R] Lumina. She's a three CP Lightning Backup that searches for a Category XIII Forward, just like [1-196S] Mog (XIII-2) does in Ice.

Next to the usual nine Opus XIII: Crystal Radiance Booster, the kit comes with a pack of exclusive Lightning sleeves, showing her in the Midnight Mauve dress.

Booster packs have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of 3,99 €. A booster box contains 36 boosters and a Buy-A-Box promo.

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