Set Information

Arcane Rising: New Heroes and Classes

There is a darkness spreading across the land. As grotesque creatures rise from the shadows, a long-forgotten power reemerges, with dark machinations that threaten to upset the delicate balance of this world.

Will you take advantage of the chaos or fight to preserve the peace?

Arcane Rising
sees four new heroes in addition to four new classes! Kano, Dracai of Aether, a cunning and talented Wizard. Viserai, Rune Blood, a Runeblade gifted with both arcane power and physical prowess. Dash, Inventor Extraordinaire, a Mechanologist, is a brilliant inventor full of wild ideas and the spark of genius and, Azalea, Ace in the Hole, an obsessive, self-serving contract killer Ranger. Arcane Rising contains 219 cards with each booster pack containing 16 cards, including one premium foil, one rare, and one other either rare, super rare, or majestic.

As well as four new heroes and classes, Arcane Rising features some of the most chased and powerful cards Flesh and Blood has ever seen such as Command and Conquer, Art of War and the fabled Eye of Ophidia. Legendary equipment returns in Arcane Rising featuring Grasp of the Arknight, Skullbone Crosswrap, Storm Striders, Teklo Foundry Heart and Arcanite Skullcap. The four new heroes’ signature Specialization cards such as Blazing Aether, Teklo Core, Arknight Ascendancy and Red in the Ledger showcase the heroes’ style and strategy.

A New Way to Play

Arcane damage is a new form of damage that is introduced in Arcane Rising. It is primarily dealt by spellcasters and requires unique ways for the opponent to prevent the damage. Speaking of arcane damage prevention, Arcane Rising sees common rarity equipment Nullrune Hood, Nullrune Boots, Nullrune Gloves, Nullrune Robe and more which feature Arcane Barrier, so players will be able to put up a fight against arcane wielding spellcasters whether playing constructed or limited formats.

Arcane Rising features new keywords and mechanics such as; Opt, a keyword that allows you to look at the top X cards and put any number of them on the top and/or bottom of your deck in any order. Boost is a Mechanologist mechanic that allows a Mechanologist attack action card to gain go again. Reload is a Ranger mechanic that allows you to put a card from your hand face down into your arsenal when the card resolves.

Purchase and Availability

Arcane Rising, the second booster set for Flesh and Blood, released in Local Game Stores 27 March 2020. ARC was available for purchase in 24 pack booster boxes, booster box cases, and as individual packs designed for booster draft, sealed deck, and constructed play. ARC is now out of print. MSRP: € 3.99 EUR