Set Information

Crucible of War: New Equipment, Weapons, and Allegiances Will Be Forged!

Throw open the armories and turn up the forge, and rally your allies from near and far. Bring all your skill, luck, and your best damn gear to bear; as you're plunged headfirst into the Crucible of War.

Crucible of War is a supplementary booster set designed for only constructed play that introduces powerful weapons and equipment and opens up new strategies and deck building options for all your favorite classes. Crucible of War sees six new young heroes and two new classes! The Brute, Kayo, Berserker Runt, the Ninja, Benji, the Piercing Wind, the Warrior, Kassai, Cintari Sellsword, the Mechanologist, Data Doll MKII and the debuts of two new classes, the Merchant, Kavdaen, Trader of Skins and the Shapeshifter, Shiyana, Diamond Gemini! Crucible of War contains 198 cards with each booster pack containing 10 cards, including one premium foil, one rare and one other either rare, majestic, or legendary.

In addition to six new heroes and two new classes, Crucible of War features some of the most iconic and powerful cards in Flesh and Blood such as Gorganian Tome, Snag, Coax a Commotion, legendaries Fyendal's Spring Tunic and Shiyana, Diamond Gemini, and the fabled Arknight Shard. As Crucible of War's theme is the heat of battle itself, weapons and equipment take center stage. Heroes can upgrade their weapons and equipment with such cards as Skullhorn, Crater Fist, Breeze Rider Boots, Courage of Bladehold, Perch Grapplers, Bloodsheath Skeleta, Metacarpus Node and Gambler's Gloves.

Equip Your Hero, Prepare to Fight!

Negate is a new keyword that exists in Crucible of War. Negating a card on a layer of the chain will prevent the card from resolving. Temper is another new keyword that exists on equipment in Crucible of War. Usually high in defense, Temper equipment presents a choice after it's been defended with the first time of whether to defend with it one last time and see it destroyed or save it to use for its ability.

The Crucible's Availability

Crucible of War, the third booster set for Flesh and Blood, released in Local Game Stores 28 August 2020. CRU is available for purchase in 24 pack booster boxes, booster box cases and as individual packs designed for constructed play only. CRU is currently out of print. MSRP: 3.99 €