Set Information

Tales of Aria: The Essence of the Elements Enters the Arena

The protectors of Isenloft awaken from their endless winter slumber. The wardens of Candlehold sharpen their thorns within the blossoming undergrowth. The prophets of Volthaven set their sights on a future painted by great aurora.

Tales of Aria is a standalone booster set introducing three new heroes with all new mechanics and the exciting new Elemental talent as we explore the vibrant land of Aria and the troubles that lie within. Lexi Livewire, the Elemental Ranger with the Essence of Ice and Lightning. Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity, the Elemental Guardian with the Essence of Earth and Ice and Briar, Warden of Thorns, the Elemental Runeblade with the Essence of Earth and Lightning. Tales of Aria contains 238 cards with each booster pack containing 16 cards, including one premium foil, one rare and one other either rare or majestic.

In addition to three new heroes and the incredibly nuanced Elemental talent, Tales of Aria showcases powerful chased cards such as Voltaire, Strike Twice, Winter's Wail, Pulse of Volthaven, Pulse of Candlehold, Pulse of Isenloft, Channel Mount Heroic, Tear Asunder and the fabled Korshem, Crossroad of Elements. Some of Tales of Aria's most highly sought after Legendary equipment includes Crown of Seeds, Spellbound Creepers, New Horizon, Shock Charmers, Rampart of the Ram's Head and Heart of Ice. The three new heroes' signature Specialization cards such as Light it Up, Force of Nature and Endless Winter showcase the heroes' style and strategy.

Earth, Ice and Lightning Talents Arrive!

Elemental is the new talent featured in Tales of Aria. There are currently three elements that exist, Earth, Ice and Lightning. Tales of Aria introduces cards with the Elemental card type, which can be played by any Elemental hero. It also introduces Elemental Class cards, which can be played only by Elemental heroes of that specific class. Tales of Aria also includes cards that represent each of the three elements (Earth, Ice, Lightning), which can only be included in a deck if that hero has that specific essence. A hero's essence can be found as a keyword in their text box.

Tales of Aria features new keywords, mechanics, and card types such as Off-hand, a new card type that exists on shields in Tales of Aria. Off-hand cards are placed in the second weapon zone at the start of the game and can be used to defend as long as it has a defense value. Fusion, a new keyword that fuses one or more elements with an elemental card to give an additional effect. Channel, a new keyword that uses Element cards to maintain a powerful aura that requires a larger commitment each turn to maintain the channel and Essence, a new keyword that exists on Elemental hero cards showing what Elements that hero specializes in and what Element cards can be included in the deck.

Purchasing Details and Availability

Tales of Aria, the fifth booster set for Flesh and Blood, released in Local Game Stores 24 September 2021. ELE is available for purchase in 24 pack booster boxes, booster box cases and individual packs designed for booster draft, sealed deck, and constructed play. MSRP: 3.99 €